• Hey All

    Am surprised that not much of this topic has been discussed here. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this topic?

    Have you expereinced any, am sure we all have too. For me yesterday it happened, rather freaky. There is a guy I have been drawn to for a long time. Anyway long story short, I was in one part of the city and something told me to walk instead of taking the bus (i decided to walk down the street where the guy's work is situated, although high chance i would bump into him as its a busy street!) so clearly as i passed his building i never saw him -clearly what would the chances be! so I kept on walking and also during my whole walk i was thinking about him, just thinking to myself why i am so drawn to him etc...and also thinking that hey its just a knowing i have about him and that im sure we will eventually be soon as i thought that Guess who walks past me .....yup the object of my affection! Now, I thought that was rather freaky, talk about timing here, if i took that bus, there is no way i would have seen him. He never saw me, lot of people ard, but i saw him.

    Interesting huh?

  • I have had that happen on occasion as well. It always catches me off guard but makes me feel like i'm on the right path.

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  • I wish that happened to me

  • The following week, different time and day, I was walking along and again I was thinking of him and he was coming my direction.

    What does this mean? Any thoughts?

  • I always think it means you are on the right track. I was contemplating a move to another country for a job. I was with my mom and talking the decision over with her. I had just said "I think I'll do it", just as we pulled into a busy restaurant parking lot. The whole parking lot was full except for one spot which we started to pull into. My mom and I both burst out laughing. Someone had spray painting on the pavement in this parking spot "Hi (I don't want to give those details here but it was my first and middle name!) Both spelled exactly how I spell my name. My name is usually spelled a different way. I took that as a sign that I had made the right decision to move. I did move and never regretted it!

  • Cool. If it means I am on the right path, how would my situation resonate with it??

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