Sagittarius man says 'I Luv U' after 2 weeks??

  • I'm a Libra woman with Scorpio acsendant and 4 other planets in Scorpio in my birth chart. Yes, I'm super passionate and intense. So it very much comes as a surprise that my new boyfriend of only 2 weeks, who is a Sage, has just told me he loves me, wants me to move in and is already thinking marriage. I'd maybe expect this from an impulsive Aries, but I've never dated a Sage before. I know Sage is an action fire sign, but I was under the impression that Sage was more on the anti-commitment side of things. And as much as I feel this same magnetic pull to him, It's hard to trust that these words could match any truth as this is much too soon. Honestly, we can't stand to be apart, we finish eachothers sentences, we have the same goals, values, and life lessons taught. Everything from the start has been the path of least resistance. So please some insight or a reading on my new AMAZING Sage....

  • No sign is safe from the Scorpio magnetism! (even if it's not your sun sign.) Sag's are one of the signs I know least about, I've known two Sag men, one was the anti-commitment 'I want to sleep with as many women as possible' and the other was very sweet and wanted to find love rather than sex. So I guess those Sags ARE out there. Plus, as a Libra-Scorp, you naturally have this very charming, very passionate energy, and that may just be fanning his fire sign flames. Of course it's very possible for you two to be compatible, air and fire have a lot of attraction towards one another, and you're also quite close together on the astrology wheel. So things start out hot, heavy and connected. But this advice is for any relationship, if you've only been dating for two weeks, you should not be thinking of living together, or marriage, and don't feed into his ideas about it. It's easy to get tricked in the premature stages, but this is how a lot of relationships go horribly awry. So it's not that he isn't feeling what he says, but the problem lies in feeling that intense can be blinding.

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