Would love some thoughts

  • I met a guy recently who I genuinely like. With some time, I think it could develop into something more. We have a lot in common and talk all the time. He's Sagg and I'm Cancer which doesn't seem ideal, but when we talk our goals align. Am I just getting sucked in by the new exciting part of it? We both have stuff from prior relationships that we are dealing with, but it seems like neither of us wants that to get in the way of seeing if it could work with us. Would love some thoughts on this if anyone feels inclined.

    Thank you!

  • Speaking from experience, just because your signs dont indicate complete harmony doesnt mean that the two of you arent compatable. We all bring our past experiences to the table as well and this has more of an impact on whether a relationship will last or not. I have been learning as of late that if we worry too much about where a relationship is going, we forget to enjoy what we have while we have it. We over think and over analize in the hope of steering it to the ultimate outcome we want. Sadly, by over thinking we forget to take the moment for what it is or the words as they are intended.

    Considering I am in a similar situation right now, the best advice I can offer is to focus on yourself and healing the wounds that need to be healed. Enjoy the relationship the two of you have as it is and for what it is at the moment. Let it be exciting and fun, but keep the focus on healing yourself. If both of you do this, I dont see any reason why the two of you may not grow together over time. At the best, you develop a deep powerful loving relationship with someone who has walked through you during a very hard time and at the least you have a wonderful friend at a time when you need it. Accept it for what it is at this moment and let the future unfold itself.

    Best of luck!


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