Meaning of my tarot reading?

  • I don't know how real the tarot card reading are or if I really believe in them at all but I just did one on my phone via iPhone app and I want to know what it means I will list the cards in their order here. It was a Celtic cross reading. I working like someone who really understand the card to break this reading down for me so I can know if it really applies to me. I don't want to give the reason why I decided to do this because then it wouldn't make it a prediction. Here it is:

    1. Present: Revered wheel of fortune.

    2. Challenges: Reversed Seven of swords.

    3. Root causes: Reversed Five of swords

    4. Past: Eight of cups

    5. Goal: Reversed The Tower

    6. Future: Death

    7. Contexts: The World

    8. Environment: Reversed Ten of wands

    9. Guidance: The high priestess

    10. Outcome: Temperance

    Tell me what's going on and what this means to me personally.

  • Hi TumTum111!

    Let's see what can be discovered for you!

    1. Present: Reversed wheel of fortune. - so your fortune is changing for the better. The energies are moving in this area for you.

    2. Challenges: Reversed Seven of swords. - Sevens are your imaginations, your own personal philosophy and self-image is transforming right now (reversed). So these changes can be alarming at time, however the change is a good one for you.

    3. Root causes: Reversed Five of swords - This seems to tie into the challenge card above. Fives are adjustments, so you have really been wrangling with a thought, idea or concept that has really had you thinking a lot about it. This is what has led to your present situation.

    4. Past: Eight of cups - Eights are organizing, and you have been analyzing something in the emotional-love realm. Reflecting a lot on a relationship perhaps.

    5. Goal: Reversed The Tower - This says that an important part of your self image is undergoing a transformation as the old ideas you held about yourself are going away. About time, right?

    6. Future: Death - Thank goodness, an important part of you at last gives up and allows something new and innocent to come forth in its place. Leading to...

    7. Contexts: The World - the end of the journey, where you at last enjoy the fruits of your labors, all of life opens up for you and you enter a time of applying what you learned.

    8. Environment: Reversed Ten of wands - Your environment is not changing, it has reached stasis. Reversed indicates that this is turning around, something will break this status quo and move you forward (The TOWER and DEATH)

    9. Guidance: The high priestess - Tune into your intuition.

    10. Outcome: Temperance - Balance and flow, thank goodness! We made it through some rough stuff here and came out stronger for it all!

    Tell me what's going on and what this means to me personally...

    You have been going through some real soul-searching about a matter that has weighed on your thoughts, a lot. Something deep inside of you is changing for the better (an old idea you carried around about yourself is over and being replaced with new and bright self-image energies), as the old gives way to something new and nice. You are heading for the balance of temperance, so whatever this path is you are on will work out well for you. You are asked to relax and let your intuitions and psychic powers assist you in this journey and give your thought life some R&R.

    Hopefully that gives you some ideas. You will hear your own answers too as you ponder the cards and your life situation. Wishing you much success on your life journey, TumTum111.

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