What you would change about Cancers

  • Hey everyone. I am curious to know what people would change about Cancer's if they could. Please feel free to vent if you need to. I know we Cancer's can be maddening at times. 🙂

  • My husband is a Cancer for I feel qualified to say: absolutely nothing. Yes he is frustrating and irritating at times, but its not always related to his sign and if he wasnt who he is, I would be who I am.

  • Cancer man I read all of your posts and really appreciate them. I am in a new relationship with a old hs boyfriend who is a cancer.

    It is very very frustrating and very exciting at the same time .. he makes me feel like no other man has. He knows how to use his words lol.. he makes me feel beautiful and very loved..

    It is long distance right now. That makes it harder.

    The one thing I would and only one thing I would change is when he is upset at me. I don't even know it at times. He disappears.. he retreats into himself for days. So for a cancer man tell us you need a little space.. but not as much as you usually take.. come talk to us.tell us how you feel..

    That is my biggest complaint

  • I too would not change a thing. Only bc I only want to be loved and accepted for who I am. Of course Cancers can be frustrating, Lord knows so can I.

    Of course this is coming from the person who thinks if everyone would just listen to me, the world would be a much better place!! lol

    But honestly, accepting people for exactly who they are is such a refreshing way to live.

  • But, to answer the question, I would have to say, quit thinking so much and just live!!

  • My best female friend and I have been friends for over 10 years now. She is a cancer and I wouldn't change a THING about her.. though I know she has a few complaints of her own. Being too sensitive, ALWAYS wanting to help people to a fault. She tries hard to make everyone happy and she constantly gets stepped on by them. It's only when her limits are pushed over the edge does she crack and stand up for herself. I've never witnessed this, but I've heard it's nothing you want to be around for.

    As for the men. The capricorn men I know are like this too (which makes sense since they are opposites). They either love you or don't, and if they don't, they don't want anything to do with you. They can be verryyyy judgemental. All I have to say to this is being judgmental isn't really a good thing, but at least they're honest with themselves. If you're around a cancer you know it's because they WANT you there.

    The last thing I've noticed, with the men, is bad communication. It's that shell they try to hide inside of. Don't be afraid to let your emotional side out guys 😉

    That's the negative qualities I've noticed form cancers. Would I want to change them? Probably not. Every one has negative qualities. Cancer's positive qualities shine much brighter.

  • Hello Cancerman276!

    I wouldn't change a thing about my Cancer, fellow Water signs!!! Are they challenging at times? YES! Do they require great patience to be in fellowship with? YES! Could the SAME be said about many, if not all, other signs? Absolutely! All I can say is that they are not for the faint of heart, lol! But every challenge that one must endure to get to their heart and in relationship with them is well worth the effort because the rewards of relationship with them definitely out weighs every challenge mentioned!!

    I LOVE THEM!! There is not another sign like them; the male are definitely a 'Man's MAN', lol!! They know the language of a woman for sure!

    Love and Light!


  • I have several Cancers in my family,very loving but can be a push over, very compeditive and parcrastinate unless these are just the folk in my big family lol.

  • I am a Cancer, and I did change.

    I took knowledge from my caregiver(granny) my children, and developed a spanking brand new Zodiac Personality.

    I detested being a Cancer ( The Oedipal Complainer) ...unnaturally, irritating to 'self'

    I so despised being 100% Cancer, until I am now ...Cancer-Virgo-Aries-Leo-Scorpio-Saggi ...all these personalities I developed in less than the mystical # of ...(3) years, because...

    Cancerians are the most overtly emotional and sensitive of the water signs and must be handled carefully.

    They wear their feelings on their sleeves and are so easily hurt that one hesitates to touch them.

    If they are upset, they will withdraw in order to avoid further unpleasantness and will remain aloof until all danger has passed. It is often difficult to determine whether this is an attempt to arouse sympathy or a sign that they are truly hurt.

    Cancer has a duel nature and can reverse his/her shy behavior and attack others like a sudden storm at sea.

    Can has a ...JUDAS STREAK ...and will turn on those he loves if he is defeated.

    Now do you see???? so very delighted knowing ... That is why, I am NO LONGER ....A full Cancer ... with a touch of ...Alluringly Yummmmmmyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  • Huh , my cancerian man usually never or seldom reveal how hurtful he was to my bluntness and demanding attitude.

    Only recently he got 180 degree changes after he turns 40.

    I wander if cancerian gets more sensittive when they get older ?

    He gave me cold treatment for 3 months after we got some arguments. and got couple of times he was crying in the phone .. probably i hurt him for begin lack of affections thus lately

    he refused my calls and smsed me that he hate talking to me cos i never listen and do not wish to see me then ended up "he is busy" in the text and refuse to talk thing out then silent treatment again.

    I admitted that in the past I was aloof which he cannot stands it anymore and previously , he did whining to me that I don't care abt him and never bother to text him back promptly for continously 6 mths which bothers him alot. He asked me why and I just mentioned that " I am busy ." I knew i giviing him lame excuses .. for I'd been hanging with guys in the pub and he knew abt that but keep it to himself.

    Just recently , after 3 months of cold treatment from him i decided to breakup with him if he still continue to play game with me for I am totally sick and tired.. I mentioned in the text, if he should cont'd not picking up my phone and that pronounce the end of our relationship. Reluctantly, he picked up and treating me hostile in the tone which i couldnt believe it and immediately he wanted to hang up but i forced him to settle it now if not I going to find somebody else. He has got no choice but willingly to settle with me and asked to come over his house .

    Well after we met, we just kinda magnet again .. no much words exchange just hugs and then intimate just like before.

    He mentioned that he misses me dearly everyday and been looking at my pic everynight but he still adamant to treat me back the way i treated him and to let me feel how terrible i treated him in the past. Now i asked him to be more precise in the text to avoid misunderstanding.

    Well I must say i cannot change him only be more tactful toward him and he will slowly open up to me again..:)

  • For my analysing of my crabby sneaky crab..

    he is nervous when ask to make a fast immediate decision..

    and would pace up and down seem restlessly and helpless .

    Note :I always be the one to help him settle tricky issue..

    He cannot be push or rush else will not give a definite ans and will

    try to push it away. He will stutter when panick.

    He worries alot on a small issue and cannot stand rushing .. if he is at his wit end

    he will hide till he able to think of a way to settle .. usually i give him my suggestions and supports and bravely he stands out for confrontation by others.

    Normally , his mum like to control him alots and he would refuses her guidances and

    refused her calls everyday to avoid emotional confrontation by her.. so normally he would want some peace by switiching off the ring tone when his mum calls .. infront of me , even smses from his family , he also refuse to reply .. and i asked him why and he said he is sick of them but when it's time to go back he will go back ..he mentioned to me.

    When he is adamant to do something he will do it no matter how..

    and can say he is stubborn and usually hate begin told what to do ..that will make his sulk and moody. So that is my creepy crab that i always call him this.

  • Cancers become the victim of what they dont say, So you should learn to be direct. I think so often you get so carried away by your own feelings that they control you , and you distort the reality of the situation, learn to objectify your feelings and really try to thoughtfully analyze the other side of the situation. The list goes on.... but i'll leave it at that (for now) 🙂

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