• is it time to move on from the person im in love with? my bday is 10-8-80,his is 11-17-77

  • This particular combination can be strong both professionally and interpersonally, because it imparts stability to both of you. You Echa are usually able to take orders from your partner and he can give effective leadership and direction to the relationship - as long as he can control his possessive and controlling tendencies. This arrangement usually obviates your problem of indecision, although your partner can get a bit overbearing at times and you do have a rebellious streak. The important thing here is for decisions to be fair and equitable and that the best interests of the relationship are served, rather than those of either of you more than the other. Romantic and marital relations are likely to coalesce around an easygoing, relaxed outlook that encourages a stable mixture of independence and responsibility. In such an environment, love and affection can flow easily. Should things get a bit too pleasant and relaxed, however, such relationships may become a means of escaping harsher realities. You two must beware of a tendency to isolate yourselves and to be overly protective.

    The biggest danger here, Echa, is that your partner will wield too much influence and as a consequence dominate your life, because you are the far more passive and agreeable one in your matchup. This will ultimately provoke your resentment. You need to try and preserve your equality as much as you can, for this can be an enduring, happy and self-sufficient relationship if you are both willing to put in the time and effort. Just beware of running away from your problems and try to honestly talk them out with your partner.

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