Requesting Compatibility Reading .... from Captain, Please !!

  • My b.d. is 7-17-58 10:19a ny

    His is 11-11-60 6:45a sd, ca

    Thank you!

  • Both a love affair and a marriage can be pleasant and relaxed here - perhaps too much so. Easily satisfied together, you two rarely demand enough of each other to prompt you to evolve and grow. You both share an active fantasy life, so watch for delusions and illusions. Physical comfort and security may play a disproportionately large role in such a relationship. Thus the relationship can stagnate unless you push yourselves a bit and avoid complacency. Remember your goals and dreams, but dreams should not be a substitute for action. Too often this combination settles for a comfortable niche in which it can keep fantasizing about making a day. Be more self-critical and realistic. On the positive side, there is a deep empathic bond between you that can be counted on in times of trouble. Highly nurturing attitudes towards children are common here, along with a need to build a beautiful and safe home.

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