How does a leo hook a Scorpio man?

  • Generally I have a pretty good hook on these things... and generally I just stay away from Scorpios because I've been burned by pretty much all of them. I'm a Leo lady, and I'm pretty sure we just don't really work.

    I recently met this Scorpio man. He's extremely flirty and charming, and even a little forward. Once I found out he was a Scorpio I wondered if I was just getting mixed signals because let's face it, scorpios just naturally come off as being flirty. But at the same time, I'd really like to get this guy to ACTUALLY like me, and with all my experience and research on scorpios the only thing I know is that one really bad move will just turn them off completely. What I've read so far hasn't been helpful, sites telling me everything from 'scorpios love a challenge so act uninterested' to 'never play hard to get be very upfront with how you feel'.

    So I need some advice. As a leo woman, what do I have to offer/attract a scorpio and what should I look out for? Thanks in advance!

  • I realize this is probably not what you are wanting to hear, but I do think it is what you need to hear. Being in love and forming a lasting relationship isnt about being whoever you have to be in order to get the guy you want. In the end, you are sacrificing yourself for an ideal that you think you want. When that ideal becomes less that perfect, you will become bitter and resentful that you wasted yourself on him, although it is all of your own doing in the first place. As a Gemini, I speak from experience. Gemini have a very astute ability to be whomever the time or situation calls for...we are very mutable and the proverbial "man of a 1000 faces". When it comes down to it though, the charade is impossible to keep up for any major length of time and when people want the facade rather than the reality, frustration and bitterness will ruin the relationship.

    Be yourself. He'll either like you for who you are or he wont. If he doesnt, its his loss, not yours.

  • sigh Well, you are COMPLETELY right. Somehow it seemed perfectly logical to me to figure out how you treat one of these signs (they're just so damn sensitive, you know?) that what you said hadn't even occured to me. Thanks for bumping me on the head and helping me remember.

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