I messed the things up with a Gemini man - How to fix them ?

  • We've been seeing each other for 3 weeks and everything was fine so far. He gave me flowers for my birthday, being all attentive to my needs, etc. etc. It's been all fun and teasing around.

    Still, we don't know each other very well and that couses some problems.

    A few days ago we were chatting on facebook, joking around and all of a sudden he said something that really annoyed me.

    As a Leo I acted by my first impulses - very premature and aggrssively. I defenitely put some pressure between us ...

    For the next two days he just dissapeared and didn't reply to my messages. When he finally apear he was somehow distant.

    I complete understand him and I know it is my fault. There was no way that he would know, what he said would make me so angry. I send him a message two days ago, tried to bring the things back to normal - teasing around and being cool and funny .... but still no answer from him.

    I feel guilty because I know I chased him away. It is too soon to have some serious converation with him and explain why I acted like that (not to mention we r not into a relationship yet), but still I don't want to just sit here and don't do anythig.

    Please tell me what are my best options to fix the things. Should I wait for a few days or maybe weeks and try to approach him again. Or should I wait for him to reply to my last message on his own terms and time.

    Thank u 🙂

  • I'm no love expert by all means, but I have definitely learned the hard way. I say leave him alone, and he'll come back around. If you mean that much to him, he'll make sure it works between you two. 🙂

  • I will say this is only my 21 yr experience with a gemini man. They don't do deep conversation like the emotional kind. They're dramtic and don't like to be told they did anything wrong ever. You have to be so careful how you say things that aren't praising them. You just have to keep telling them how fantastic they are. They can be very mean when you least expect it, but you won't see that until you really know him. They are also very nice and fun to be around. It's sort of like which twin do I have today.

    Good Luck!

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