Psychics, why is this Woman playing games with my heart ?

  • Hi. Im Zacheus. I was new to this forum and was hoping someone here could give me some real answers. Ok here goes...........I met this Woman online not too long ago, and we really seem to hit things off just fine. She told me she is a single mom with 3 children, (girls) and is a divorcee. She has been so for the past 6 years and she is somewhat distrusting of people. She has not always had good relations with the opposite sex either, and has been used many times by those who promised to do her no harm. Here I am, a guy who she likes, but does not trust completely. We have communication, and we have respect too. We talk all the time, but we never met in person, and plan to if things work out just fine. I am skeptical because she keeps giving me mixed signals. First she wants me to give her my all, and then she pushes me away and then reels me back again. I do wish to greet her one day. We live about 3 states away, and i live in the South.

    She has very strong oponions about Men in general. And her ex was very manipulative and abusive.

    She is now in her mid 40's and her children are grown up now. Her first name starts with a T. Description, she has brunette colored hair, dark brown eyes, and tan skin. She lives in the Mid West and is alone. But her life has not always been easy, as she has had some ups and downs during her childhood also. She was adopted, and had good parents or at least she said. But she has her qualms about her ex and her boyfriends that have followed afterwards/ This makes my job so much harder as a guy and I want her to trust me more. I want to know, how does this Woman feel about me and why is she playing games with my heart right now ? Please help !

  • Well, to be honest, it's a long distance relationship. I think she's pretty nervous about meeting you. It's not like you're close at hand and can see each other. I think she's done a good job of telling you a lot about herself. I don't open up as much as she in re to my history. You know a lot and realistically ya'll haven't even met yet. I get that you like her and may be afraid to tell her like you told us. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just explain how you feel and don't be afraid to show your heart for fear of being hurt. Even if she is cold against men wouldn't rather know (in the long run) if this is something that you want to pursue. You got to get to a place where you're honest w/your feelings but how can you really be sure what your feelings are.

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