Interesting dream - What do you think?

  • I dreamt I left my bag somewhere and it was returned to me with all my belonging intact except my money purse which was totally empty. Even my cell was untouched and uncompromised. And the purse hardly had any money in it.

    I've always been a little cautious about losing my bag since it is one of my most personal spaces. Moreover all the little things I carry in it become such great comforts for their familiarity that it becomes an inconvenience getting new things all over again. But nothing was the focus of my dream except the little purse.

    In real life I am paranoid about losing only two things, my mobile and my purse. Interestingly I get my mobile back but my purse is empty. In real life I stuff my purse with ID cards, licenses, credit and debit crads, re-imbursable tickets, atm receipts, earrings. There was not much money in it, in the dream but all of this wasn't there either. In the dream I make a mental note of telling my husband so that we can cancel all the cards immediately.

    In the dream I felt slightly irritated when I realised my bag had gone and pleased when it was returned to me. I was surprised to find my mobile returned and not surprised to find the purse empty as one wouldn't expect money to be returned in real life. But the fact that all the other stuff was swiped off did surprise me.

    Also, next day when I thought about it I remembered that I forget / leave behind my purse without meaning to but it is returned to me too without me having to do anything about it or even wishing for its return and this happened pretty quickly. Like one minute it was gone and it was simply sinking in and the next minute it was back. Who, what, when where nothing was clear, just me, my purse, my mobile and darkness.

    I retrospected about it and remembered that the previous day I was thinking of how my life has turned completely in the last few months and that I am no longer the person I used to be, gaining a lot of good and valuable things, even more in touch with my inner self but losing some of my 'shine', some things that were very important to me. My cheer, my brightness, my outlook towards life, part of my innocence, even my dreams to an extent...hence maybe the purse signified all of that. But none of the belongings in the purse were irretrievable. IDs were copies, cards could be cancelled and there was hardly any money at all. (Oh and yes the earrings weren't my favourites either and I am earrings are a big thing with me!) And hence I was more thankful that the phone wasn't taken away cause that would have been a bigger blow. It's a low value phone and old one. Also, numbers I have a back-up but I store so many pictures and messages in it that it's precious.

    So even if I woke up feeling low about the dream when I thought about it in detail it actually seemed like a good dream. No?

    I read on the net about the purse signifying female genitalia and could be related to issues to do with intimacy and sexuality. Are symbols that generalised? I think dream symbols are more personal and contextual than a dictionary can define. What do you think?

  • You had a financial woe not too long ago and your subconsious mind held it back because you dealt with it but not completely and so, this is your brain reacting, through dream. Not everything is related to a specific thing like the, but the purse itself usually holds money in it and that's why you dreamt that there was lots of it. Hope this was helpful.


  • Thanks ScorpWolf for that. But there was hardly any money in the purse. And I wasn't much concerned about losing whatever was there either.

  • Your welcome. I understand, you usually are very concerned about money...and this time you weren't correct?

  • Well, I have been going through difficult times wrt money but money is never a concern. In my lost of problems money usually comes last. And so it was in the dream. I knew it would be gone and it was and I didn't think much about it, but the loss of other items, even though retrievable pinched.

  • lost=list. Sorry for that typo! 🙂

  • Do you understand your dream better now? It seems to me that you do, for your actual reality was reflected in your dream.

    Take care

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