The Captain, Could I have a reading please. :)

  • Could you please do a love reading for me. My birthday is 4th Of August 1976 , his is January 7th 1964. We have been together for 3 months and he seems kinda in a rush, i want to take it slow, he is a bit of a livewire... just wanted to see what you see. Heard you are really accurate . Greatly appreciated. 🙂

  • This is difficult for love. Strongly sexual feelings can come to dominate a love affair or marriage here and may be the push behind your partner's enthusiasm. There is some instability in your matchup but that can translate into excitement and impulsive spontaneity. Yet without the attainment of deeper levels of understanding, kindness, acceptance and sharing, this relationship will burn out, revealing selfishness as its true basis. Though you are both tough realists, romantic feelings can add something to the relationship, ultimately leading to the expression of more sympathy. Conscious efforts by both partners to expand the scope of the relationship beyond the physical plane are necessary to give it a longer and more fulfilling life. It will benefit from a deliberate emphasis on kindness and consideration. Instabilities can be lessened considerably by finding lighter activities to share and enjoy outside the bedroom. Your partner is very achievement and success-oriented and together you make a forceful and piercingly direct couple. Your strength of purpose together is unmatched and the relationship promises an exhilerating ride of facing challenges and then conquering them. Not only is this combination physically strong, it has finely-honed taste and a perceptive eye. Yet, if it doesn't have understanding and empathy, it will not work for a love relationship. And you both have to want to dig deeper into it to find its heart.

  • Dear Captain, thank you so much for taking the time to do this reading for me. It sounds spot on.

    Take care. 🙂

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