Gemini and Pisces?!?!? --- Captain?

  • Me -- March 8 1983 & Him -- June 1 1984

  • A love relationship in this combination is rare. Its success depends on whether the speedy Gemini guy can be sensitive and understanding enough of you, his 'slower' partner. The polarization of emotion and thought here can ultimately prove destructive to the relationship's chances. Marriage will demand a lot more unity than you have in the love affair, and domestic obligations will often both tie the freedom-loving Gemini to fixed responsiblities that he will hate and force you to fulfill social roles that you would rather ignore. In the best-case scenario here, although some inconvenience and even resentment may surface, compromise is possible. The worst-case scenario is so miserable and unhappy you don't even want to know about it.

  • I agree I spent 5 years with a Gemini before and I was extremely miserable and depressed.

    Could you please tell me anything about this Leo I am involved with?!?!?! He has left me feeling so stressed and confused. Will we ever make it? Today I asked him if we could get back together I feel like that was the total wrong thing to say. Like he assumed we were stil together when all he ever says is he doesnt want me doesnt like I will never be his girlfriend or his wife. So he says til I get my stuff togetehr he will think of me as a loser then I said well can we get back together if I get my stuff together and he hangs up?!?!? And blocks my number again. his birthday is 8/17/1973.

  • You and the Leo can be close but you do actually best when you both have lots of breathing space from each other and don't feel crowded. You Carly got deeply involved and developed a love addiction for this guy, which is quite common for this combination, but the matchup never does well for a long-term love relationship. The problem is that your Leo can give a great deal of intensity to a love affair without being really involved in it at a deep emotional level whereas you threw your whole self into it. This could never be a successful love match. He has already moved on and doesn't want to start up again with you. You were just too different people, especially emotionally.

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