Need to know if I'll find love..

  • Hi, my name is Kathleen I've heard a lot about this site and I was wondering if anybody could take the time for a free love reading , I have never had a boyfriend for longer than a few weeks and never seem to find a real connection with anyone , I find it so frustrating and am tired of being alone. I was wondering if I was ever going to have love come my way.

    My DOB is February 15 1989.

    Thank you and much appreciation.


  • Kathleen, let's see what fears and issues might be holding you back from having what you want -

    Looking at your astrological and numerological profile, there are indications that you tend to fear what you can't control, so life and relationships may seem a bit scary for you. You are not likely to become overly stuck in routines, ironclad rules, or set regulations for your own behaviour, yet you can however seek to impose restrictions and ideas on others (not aggressively but through manipulation), which they may not like. Your compulsive need for order and to be right all the time can lead you into a neverending search for an impossible perfection - in yourself, other people, and situations. But life and other people are never in a static state of perfect order long enough for you to feel secure so your expectations can lead to continual tension and anxiety. Because life and people are never ideal enough for you to let go of control, you continually postpone trust and joy. You become afraid to let down your guard with others for even a minute so they never really get close to the authentic you.

    In order to be truly effective, you must always keep an open mind and watch for prejudicial or intolerant atttiudes. Yet your simple and unabashed curiosity is likely to be your saving grace in life. Your strong mental orientation (which can make emotions difficult for you), your natural objectivity, and an openness to new ideas should be given full play in study, education and discussion. At some point in your life, you will be forced to confront your assumptions about fame, wealth and power. Don't be led astray by false doctrines, overly ambitious teachers, or illusory experiences.

    The best companions for you are like-minded visionary individuals who strive for a broader or more spiritual experience in life - people with strong boundaries who will give you steady love and support without becoming needy or dependent themselves or without letting you become the dependent one. You need to be free to have a variety of experiences. In return, your companions will get a devoted and generous friend or lover who will provide them with a whole new way of seeing things. People with your particular profile have difficulty sustaining long-term relationships until the age of thirty or even forty, because before that time, you tend to fall into power struggles with your partners. Until your passive-aggressive tendencies find a balance, you will experience subtle or not-so-subtle control issues in your relationships, as well as issues with dependence and independence. You bring emotional sensitivity and self-doubt to your relationships yet on the plus side, your blend of a powerful versatile mind (which borders on genius) and your wit can lead you to connect with friends and lovers on many levels.

    You can be exceptionally attentive and enjoyable to be with, and as you begin working your powerful energies in the positive, you will be able to sustain happy, passionate and mutually supportive relationships. In the highest sense, you can form lasting bonds based on mutual sharing, mutual sacrifice, and mutual generosity of spirit, and your sexual energy will reflect these bonds. However, though you can be a devoted parent and a loving partner, work will probably always be the centre of your life. So finding a self-sufficient partner who understands your dedication to your work from the outset is vital.

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