Scorpio / Cancer

  • I'm about crazy for this guy... I am a Scorpio (11/02/1981) & he is a Cancer (07/09/1978) everything i feel tells me this guy is the one. I have a feeling that he feels the same way. I have known him for a while now but we have always just hung out. Now I feel things are starting to happen between us... can some one do a reading for me so i can verify that my feeling about this is real?

    Thank you!!

  • In this combination, love triangles are very common. This relationship would involve a lot of secrecy and sneaking around which may be exciting for a while but would ultimately destroy your self-respect and make you feel miserable. Yet the thrill of a hidden affair may be too great to resist. You can end up being very hurt here. Only contemplate a relationship here if the other person is free. Only then can your relationship have the possiblity of being a happy one. You must beware of spending too much time alone together.

  • Another question: this past weekend I met someone. We ended up spending the whole day together Sunday. I usually go for older guys (a little older than I am anyways). He just had something about him that I couldn't ignore. Persistent & exciting. I'm not sure his actual birthday but I do know he is an Aries. He was born in 87. He’s about 6 years younger than I am. He is already planning winter dates, like weekend snowboarding... I am completely flattered by all of this. What do you see coming out of this?

    My feelings are that it’s gonna take a lot of patients but he would be worth it.

  • I need the exact birthdate to compare his compatibility with you.

  • His birthday is April 2, 1987

  • My grandparents are Scorpio / Cancer coupple and going strong for 51 yrs. The times are very different and so are peoples values. I wish you well!

  • Enne, the important point here in this relationship is that where you feel, your Aries guy prefers not to. Many Aries people think feelings get in the way of their performance, both at work and play. A love affair here with you may put an end to his frivolity, at least for the time being, and make him confront the more serious aspects of life. A long term relationship can work out here, although sooner or later Aries guy may feel that the relationship's emotions have become too demanding, and he may long to escape. Yet getting away from you may not be all that easy, however, and the struggle can make your bonds tighter, be they positive or negative. Difficulties can also arise with mutual friends. If aggressive and competitive drives can be put away here, all will be well. If conflicts are allowed to escalate, it can destroy the relationship.

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