Captain ..I would like a reading plz

  • I am born 7.17.58 20° virgo rising. I have been 'seeing' this Scorpio 11.11.1960 20°scorpio rising who was very attracted to me from the first moment and there was recognition between us right away. Even a friend of mine saw that he was .. As she put it,.'crazy about me' from day one. the problem is that now he's been consistently stating that he doesn't have intentions to commit to me and each time after we are intimate a day or so later he calls with the conversation he doesn't think we should be intimate anymore because of his concern for my feelings and that we should be platonic friends only. However when he sees me he can't keep his hands off of me. He's been saying that he wants to get married and have kids ... And that I'm not his 'ideal'. I've stayed away for weeks at a time and once told him good-bye and he (and) I were unhappy about it. I would like your insights!

  • actually I realized that his ascendant is 24 degrees (trine my Sun)

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