Looking for help interpreting a reading.

  • I was looking for help interpreting a Celtic Cross reading. I'm just starting to learn Tarot and I'd like to compare my results with someone more experienced. My question was "What do I need to know about my current relationship?" Background information of the situation is that I've been in this relationship for two years and recently some questions have risen weather or not there is a future for it.

    1. King of Coins

    2. Empress

    3. Queen of Cups

    4. 3 of Swords

    5. 4 of Coins

    6. 7 of Swords

    7. King of Cups

    8. 9 of Swords

    9. 2 of Coins

    10. 6 of Cups

  • KaylaAnn08

    I will give you what I can see...

    King of coins - the present situation, there is stagnation materially somehow, a situation is not growing, and you are questioning continuing to devote resources to keeping it going.

    The Empress crosses, a nurturing love must be embraced to make progress. This sounds to me like you need to really love yourself right now. Wrap your arms around yourself and feel your own arms holding you.

    Hope is the Queen of Cups, very strong desire for true love. You want the real thing.

    Three of Swords below, there has been a lot of thought given about this relationship.

    Four of Coins in the recent past, a material issue, security, something has manifested out of your concerns. A need for security. This ties into the present situation where it has grown to the point where you are not wanting to invest more effort.

    Seven of Swords in the near future - sounds like you will be stepping into imagining the possibilities for your life. A strong energy here moving you forward. You are writing a lot, maybe journaling. You are getting busier. Expressing yourself a lot.

    Future environment King of Cups closes out an old situation.

    Outer influences - Nine of Swords - you are processing and applying the lessons learned from outside of you, the writing, expression aspect continues.

    hope and fear - Two of coins (the traditional "travel" card). Affirming something, a choice, will you have to move, how will that affect your life, don't worry you will make the right choice.

    Outcome - the six of cups, a nice, mutually satisfying love, this says that Queen of love hope you have will become reality. Your efforts to stay true to yourself and to weigh matters our works for you, and you enter something nice in your emotional love-life.

    I can't speak for the relationship you are in, however I can tell that YOU will end up with something that is very satisfying for you in some relationship, this or another. You are growing deeper into yourself, and as a result that can rock the boat on the established relationships where one partner may not be along for the ride. YOU are doing great though, keep up the work you are doing, keep looking to the skies (and your own heart) for your guidance, you are learning a lot right now. Wishing you much success on your path. You are stronger than you realize.

  • Astra Angel,

    I've had a few readers interpret my work situation but I have not be able to get a consistent handle on the situation. I hope your astute insights can help me to gain clarity.

    This is reading I did for myself over 10 years ago which is currently playing out in real time. I am a Pisces. It's called the Whole Person Spread based on the Celtic cross. Here is this layout in upright, position order with the Thoth deck -

    1st - Devil

    2nd - Knight of Swords

    3rd - 8 of pentacles.

    4th - Queen of Cups

    5th - Prince of Pentacles

    6th - 10 of Pentacles

    7th - Fool

    8th - 8 of Wands

    9th - Tower

    10th - 9 of Wands

    I truly appreciate your offer of interpretation.

    Be well.

  • Hey cateyes36

    Year one : You went through (or started out in) a place very restrictive ten or so years ago. Some sort of self-imposed limitation. You knew you deserved something wonderful, at the time anywhere outside was good.

    Year Two : Then the Knight of Swords at year two, you focused in your life on your mind, your viewpoint was something you held dear, you knew you had a unique perspective and you cherished that part of you.

    Year Three : What you focused on in year two seems to pay off for you, a better security base and this shows a pretty well-maintained and organized life. Things are going well.

    Year Four : Something emotional comes in strong. You are finding that you are in more control of your emotional life, and you mature a lot in this year emotionally. Your intuition, or psychic powers develop. You experience profound growth.

    Year Five : You are focused now more on your material security, career takes center stage.

    Year Six : You achieve a place where you are comfortable it seems, although things are not changing much. You are secure - and bored.

    Year Seven : The fool. Well the boredom ends. Something - or someone - shows up and you are ready to follow Love right off a cliff. Yippee... let's see where that went...

    Year Eight : Eight of wands. Well it was a lot of fun, and well organized! Plans... invitations... where should we hold the reception? A lot of activity for sure...

    Year Nine : Uh oh. The Tower rises out of the sea to see what's going on, and tests your foundations. We find that something - or someone - wasn't as dependable as we thought. Something shatters. A concept that you held dear is disposed of. Good riddance.

    Year Ten : Where you now (or recently?) find yourself. Wow. You have been through a lot. The last four years especially. Heaven sees that.

    And you look at yourself today, you look down and you say, "You know, I am amazed I Am still standing. And you give yourself a big bear hug. That is the Nine of Wands. You are in a good position. The Nines takes care of themselves pretty well. You should not find life too hard right now, you are established and strong.

    This is actually a good place to find yourself. You have mastered something in your life against all odds! You have persevered to be the person you know you should be. Your self-image is very strong. And now you are standing your ground, you know what the scars mean and you are stronger for it. You are the Walking Wounded - Platoon #AAO (Against All Odds).

    I salute you.

  • I'd like to try my hand at it...be forewarned I'm a newbie myself tho!

    1. King of Pentacles: Abundance. Not flashy. Just solid foundation something to grow on.

    2. Empress: Your lesson is to become more elegant, gentle and natural in your dealings in love.

    3. 3 of swords in the immediate past, show that there was heart break and hurt in either you or your lovers most recent relationship that you are both getting passed. You are moving on, but is is there and some strings of it may rear its head in your current dealings so be mindful

    4. Queens of Cups is beneath you, you're in a good place in yourself and your relationship. Have faith in your intuition. Either the feminine powers of yourself or your relationship is very strong

    5. 4 of pentacles shows abundance, security and happiness are in your primary thoughts. But warns you not to hold to tight onto anything. Relationships are transient there is a danger in forming to tight an attachment it destroys things

    6. 6 of pentacles points toward a happy and generous future for you and your lover

    7. The King of Cups bodes well for love, and points to a fair minded, balanced and loving person and encourages diplomacy

    8. a 9 of swords in your otherwise happy environment talks about the baggage you have. Try not to let it in. Fear and Anxiety can powerfully distort whats going on and lead you to see and create shadows where there are none and disturb a happy home

    9)2 of pentacles...there is fear there connected to the ability of both partners in the relationship to balance all of the elements of your relationship and keep it running smoothly

    1. Your final outcome is pure joy, fertility comfort, love sex are all in the positive for your relationship

    I'm so new at this but I hope I'm right. Things look great for you!

  • AstraAngel,

    Thank you for that profound interpretation! Everything you stated makes perfect sense. The past two years have been turbulent and unsettling, but I came through this mourning period far stronger and better equipped to handle life's challenges. The kind of love I've sought still seems evasive, but I think my definition of "love" has undergone some revisions. Love is more than what happens between lovers when you learn to love yourself first.



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