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  • Hi Markie 808

    Can you please give me 4 good numbers to combine with? I know you mentioned to one of the topics here the 516. How about 4 numbers? Maybe another number to combine with 516?

    Thanks a lot for your help

    Many blessings

  • Hi Markie808

    I hope you see this topic with my question above.

    Thanks again & many blessings

  • Hi Markie808

    Can you please help me with the above comment

    THanks and many blessings

  • Hi Magickal!

    I'm not sure what you are trying to do.

    Give me an example of what you are doing and I can better assist you.

    5 and 1 are part of the same concord they get along.

    6 actually does not get along with 5 and 1. It's actually a contradictory energy to the number 1.

    However, the only way I can help you is if you give me a better idea of what you want to do.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Hi Markie808

    Just looking for 4 lucky numbers to combine with. and also 3 lucky numbers to combine

    with. Just close enough if you can is OK.

    Thanks and many blessings to you!

  • Hi Magickal!

    Please give me your birthday and then from there I will be able to give you numbers that are "luckier" and "compatible" with your chart.

    Reasoning for this is that some numbers are "toxic" to us, and actually hinder our growth instead of furthering us.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Dear Markie808

    My D/B is 7-21-45. You are such a great guy. I read some of your posts. You

    have a good heart to help this people that needs your advice. Where else can one get

    such FREE advice?

    Just curious you dont have to answer me if you dont want to. What is your sign?

    I get good vibes about you.

    Many thanks &

    Great blessings to you & love ones

  • Hi Magickal!

    I do feel this is part of my life's work. I enjoy helping others, and in turn I hope that they will go and help someone else. If we can continuously pass on good, then slowly we can make the world a better place.

    You are a 3 born and an 11/2 life number. So you do have to be aware of certain numbers, as 3 and 11/2 are quite emotional and aren't really ones for conflict.

    Numbers that would be compatible with you are 2, 3, 6, 9.

    The 3,6,9 are all part of the same concord and they harbor artistic abilities and do attract luck.

    The number 3 in general is a "lucky" number, and since you are a 3 born it magnifies it.

    3 is the social butterfly, they do like to be in the know. They have a real nice creative side, loves to talk, and make people happy.

    The number 11/2 is also creative, but its a little more demure than the other numbers. The 11/2 can be shy at times. But it is more of the one who brings people "together". It also likes to diffuse conflict and heated situations, the 11/2 can be known as the natural mediator.

    I'm an Aquarius. 🙂

    If you have anymore questions don't hesitate to ask.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Dear Markie808

    You cant imagine how happy I was with your result. Its truly true everything you have said.

    On my 30's thats when I decided I'm going to correct my emotional & sensitvitiy as a cancer.

    I'm so glad I was able to realize & correct those issues it helped me a lot in life & relationships.

    My husband is a VIRGO and you have heard the complaints about Virgos in this forum and let me tell you it is very true. But I was able to understand his ways or quirks because he is a good man. As a fun & loving person (young at heart) I make him laugh a lot. Since he is a quiet & reserved person he needs those laughters in his life.

    Funny I said I got good vibes from you. Its something about the way you write

    when you explain things( those postings that you did) . Its very comforting and real.

    I must say BINGO to it. I have aquarius friends and an aquarius brother in law and honestly I sure do like them and have no complains.



  • Hi Markie 808

    Sorry to bother you again. Can you please give me my soul number & destiny number.

    Do I have karmic debt?

    Also what can you say about this birthday 10-9-66?

    Thank you so much & great blessings to you & loved ones.

  • Hi Magickal!

    No Bother at all 🙂

    Your soul and destiny number are based off of your full birth name.

    If you would like me to do that for you, you will have to post it here. Not sure if you are comfortable with that, but choice is yours.

    The birthday you just provided doesn't have any karmic debt, good news! 🙂 This person is an "old soul." Possibly a "precocious" child. This person is "fun" though, like to have a good time, and should be quite adventurous. Risk taking.

    Hope this helps.

    If anything else, don't hesitate.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Hi Markie808


    I pray everyday (makes my life peaceful & happy and I thank GOD for all my blessings) I will include you in my prayers. I have a neighbor who lost his job and dont have a girlfriend. He is such a nice guy. I know he is a good man and I felt so sorry for him. He looks so lost so I included him in my prayers. After 8 months he found a job and in a happy relationship. I know it took 8 months but still it ended up nicely and didnot lose his house. I have

    seen other homes here that went into foreclosures at least his didnot. THANK GOD!

  • Hi Markie808

    I made a mistake. What I wanted to find out also is the 7-21-45, does it have a karmic debt?

    Thank you so much & Hope you have a blessed weeek.

  • Hi Markie808

    Here I'm again.

    What I would like to find out please, if these two birthdays have karmic debts -- 7-21-45 and 9-9-47. Sorry I forgot about the other birthday.


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  • Hey Magickal!

    Apologies for taking so long.

    Without a doubt I'll get to this tomorrow.

    Thank you for understanding. 🙂

    Create A Great Day!


  • Hi Markie808

    Since i'm very much into karmic debt , I hope you dont mind that I added more birthdays.

    If its too much you can just answer the 1 & 2 PRETTY PLEASE. Honestly I understand if you wont do the rest.

    1. 7-21-45

    2. 9-9-47

    3. 2-7-86

    4. 11-15-96

    5. 10-28-48

    6. 10-9-66

    Just want to make sure on my birthday. I'm happy with my life now but who knows if

    I still have to do something to pay off my karmic debt. I know a Buddhist once told me

    it takes a lot of mantras to chant to pay off karmic debt. I have done a lot of good stuff

    but who knows if its enough.


  • Hi Magickal!

    I'll take a quick numeric look at all of them to see if they have any karmic debt energies, or are under the influence of any karmic debt cycles.

    1. This birthday has no karmic debt. However, until the end of their life they will have "extreme" karmic circumstances. So although it's the "golden" rule of "do unto others, as you would have them do unto you" it applies ever more so to this individual.

    2. This birthday has no karmic debt. Although, due to this individual being a 9 born, they will experience much more and disappointment than others. While caring and funny, they can sometimes be moody/sensitive.

    3. This birthday has no karmic debt. Since this individual is young, they still have a great deal of "stuff" to go through. They have a "master number" energy, and will be "tested" in their ability to serve others and the world at large. This person must also be cautious of developing a "codependent" nature, relying too much on mom, dad, parents, spouse.

    4. This birthday has no karmic debt. This person is also very young, and will also go through their fair share of "stuff." Like the birthday before, they have a "master number" energy, and will also be tested throughout life. Double 6 energy will indicate "sensitivity" in this person, and they will definitely have their own "set" views/opinions on things.

    5. This birthday has no karmic debt. In this life this individual has had their own fair share of trials. They always need to be aware of people trying to take "advantage" of them, and putting too much trust in others, especially when it comes to finances. Last part of their life should be stable but also exciting.

    6. This birthday has no karmic debt. Interesting combination though. This person has the potential for great wealth and notoriety. If they can keep their "focus" and follow through, they'll be extremely successful. This can sometimes be difficult as this person likes to be "on the go."

    Karmic debt cycles are much easier to deal with, rather than being born with it. At one point or another, we all go through some kind of karmic cycle. However, we must understand that regardless if we are born with it or its cyclical, its always for our "betterment." Helping us go through a metamorphosis of sorts. If you can understand the energy, you can always work with it, and turn the tables in your favor. 🙂

    I hope I answered your questions.

    Anything else let me know.

    Create A Great Day!




    & LOVED ONES!!!

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