Somebody please help. I m not getting any replies

  • I have one of my frd who always shows, he is interested in me. If I try to go far from him, he will come and start showing his care and interest, but whenever I try calling/msg him, he keeps on ignoring saying he was busy. I am totally confused with his behavior. Can anyone pls tell is there anything possible between me and him. His date of birth 07 December 1984 and mine 30 october 1983.

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  • This matchup can be complex and problematic. A romantic involvement doesn't immediately suggest itself here - the chemistry is usually wrong in the sexual sphere, so that a love affair may not go very deep. Your friend's highly individualistic methods and style can arouse your disapproval, while your picky attention to detail can get on his nerves. You will also find his playful flirting with other women arouses your possessive nature and his need to be absent a lot will make you furious and hurt. Power is usually the cement that will hold a relationship here together, because together your energy can be overwhelming, although both of you may continue on your way independent of each other. Contrasting tastes and temperaments can prove stimulating and you can have great times together, but your differences may ultimately prove too divisive or alienating.

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