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  • Hi folks, right now I am thankful for my bed.

    Goodnight all, Paddi

  • angel hugs

    I am thankful I had my son home for ten days.

    I am thankful he had a good relaxing, recharged time here.

    I am thankful for being able to live.


    loving silver wings

  • Morning All!

    just popping in briefly. Zep & bee ---- hope All Is Well !!!!!!!

    I'm Thankful for:

    the bonds of love that loosely tie my children together

    and nourish each other by more than blood line.

    the fact that the words, I got your back, mean they Act on each others behalf

    from their hearts and not from their personality.

    being able to witness this time and again, knowing one will always pick up the other if they falter.

    I'm Thankful for becoming aware that their struggles are Their Lessons and my role is to Advise only when asked, not fix it for them or get caught up in feeling 'bad'.

    Most of all, I'm Thankful that my awareness and stepping back also allows each of them the space to learn from each other.

  • Amen to that Laie, I had to learn that too, we wanna fight their battles and soften there path but we can't.

    I'm thankful that I'm learning to just be when things don't go the way I want or plan, I'm not in control.

    I'm learning to listen to the inner voice or first mind.

    I'm thankful that I can forgive even when I wanna strangle someone!

    I'm thankful that no matter how hard life gets sometimes, there is always something good waiting around the corner.


    I'm thankful for all the Angels we have at our disposal if we just call them!

    Juliana so nice to hear from you! I feel you Paddi I can't stay up late anymore either, sleep by nine sometimes!

    Wishing all a wonderful day and nite, happy dreamtime! Love, Love Dreams~!


  • i am thankful that i drop in at the right time to hear poetics and laie words, both so true and so exact

    sometimes i have felt that our childrens pain and growing pains hurts us more than our own, and theres nothing we can do.

    i am thankful that life goes on to be a continuies challenge, that each day it brings us a new chapter in our lives,

    i am thankful to have a family to have friends, i am thankful that the more i have to do, the more alive i know i am,

    i am thankful that i have what i need, to live on, i am thankful that the older the kids get, the more i can lay back, and watch them mature, each day more,

    i am thankful to live in modern times, when its nature to see a male pick up a mop and give a hand, that they can put on a apron without no shame, it is a blessing, for the help i am getting lately, from my boys, it is a blessing,

    i am thankful to god almighty for everything under the heavens,

  • Ramonita, I miss you and your beautiful words of wisdom! I'm glad you are getting the help because you work too hard, I was thinking about your story the other day and telling my husband and son about how you overcame adversity, I'll never forge that story. We are all "over comers" in life, we are living testimonies of life stories, whether good or bad experiences, remember it's not the battle or test, it's how we let it affect us and for how long. (Love That).


    • I am always in the right place at the right time.

    • I expect the best and I get it NOW!

    • I always get everything that is for my highest good.

    • Everything good is coming to me easily and effortlessly.

    • I am divinely guided in all I do.

    • I expect life to give me what is best for me.

    • I deserve the best and it comes to me NOW!

    • This is a rich universe and there is plenty for all of us.

    • I now eagerly await my greatest good.

    • I expect good fortune every moment of my life.

    • I am open to receive the abundant good that God has for me.

    • God is the source of all my good, I look only to Him for my supply.

    • I envision only that which is for my highest good.

    • My highest good is manifesting in my life right now.

    • God's wealth is circulating in my life. His wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance. All my needs, desires and goals are met instantaneously because I am one with God, and God is everything.

    Affirmations for Love

    I know that I deserve Love and accept it now

    I give out Love and it is returned to me multiplied

    I rejoice in the Love I encounter everyday

    Affirmations for Joy and Happiness

    Life is a joy filled with delightful surprises

    My life is a joy filled with love, fun and friendship all I need do is stop all criticism, forgive, relax and be open.

    I choose love, joy and freedom, open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life.

    Today I'm thankful to just be and allow and expect good.

    Amen, Amen, OM!

  • angel hugs

    I am grateful I was able to go swimming yesterday, first time since early May.

    Even though I am stiff and sore, today, i am grateful I am able to do the exercises.


  • 🙂

  • HI thankful people, I love your affirmations Poetic, one should make magnets or stickers and put them all around the house in visible places so they are always present. Now that is an idea. Today I am thankful for my health, my children's health, the beautific smile on my daughter's face when she rides her new bike she got for her birthday, well today I am just thankful. Yesterday I had a kitchen appliance delivered and the delivery men were very unhelpful so I had to install it myself while cursing them but at some point I thought of you lot and I said to myself, why am I wasting energy cursing them, and I started to praise myself for getting it put in on my own instead. That made such a difference to my mood and energy. Worth a try, takes minimum effort...


  • You go girl! We can't help it sometime, I notice when I wake up in the morning, whatever is on my mind just blurts out, crazy stuff! Like someone else is doing the talking, I keep dreaming of gold chains for some reason too! Your daughter sounds like a doll, oh to be young again....

    Some mornings it's enough to drag myself into work and not feel up and at it until almost noon!

    Everyone is going through trying times financially and I know it's not easy but you can't give up, something good is always around the corner, my test is my husband, quick and iqnorant temper and that all the testing ground I need, I say to myself, don't let him bait you because sometimes I'll let him have it before you could say"What" LOL!






    RC is still looking for other work and trying to keep her spirits up, pray for her and Shee.


    "We either make ourselves happy or miserable. The amount of work is the same.--Carlos Castaneda

    "To get up each morning with the resolve to be happy…is to set our own conditions to the events of each day. To do this is to condition circumstances instead of being conditioned by them.--Ralph Waldo Emerson

    "The really happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery when on a detour.-- Unknown

  • Hey all, sorry haven't been on much- but been thinking of all, not doing much just been to the job centre sort out getting some money, and help advice and things for searching for a job. looking for apprenticeships 🙂 so been a little busy. with that. hope to catch up properly soon x

    Love n Light Bee/Lotus

    I am Thankful for meeting new people, finding help for job stuff.

    I am Thankful for, new experiences and challenges.

    I am Thankful for, Food, water, and shelter.

    I am Thankful for overcoming some difficulties

    Waves of Healing

    Ocean Meditation

    Daily Om Message.

    There is much we can learn from the ocean as we have a similar inner landscape within us as well.

    Like us, the sea is ever-changing. And, like us, the earth’s vast oceans appear at a distance to be stable and homogenous. But beneath the mask of solidity that both we and the sea wear, there lies unpredictability, sensitivity, and power. There is much we can learn from the ocean, representative as it is of our inner landscapes. The rough sounds of the sea’s waves are spiritually soothing, and its salt can purify our physical selves. Yet not everyone has the luxury of living by the shore or even visiting the coastlines where water and land meet. The ocean, however, exists in our conscious minds, put there by images we have seen and descriptions we have read. Wherever we are, we can access that mental image and use it as the starting point from which we can help to heal our emotions by meditating on the sea.

    To begin, gather together any ocean artifacts you may have on hand. Seashells, a vial of sand, beach glass, stones rubbed smooth by the pounding surf, or a recording of ocean sounds can help you slip more deeply into this meditation, but they are not necessary. Sit quietly and visualize the ocean in your mind’s eye. Allow all of your senses to participate in your mental journey. Feel the tiny grains of sand beneath your feet and the cool spray of mist; hear the sea’s rhythmic roar as the waves meet the beach and retreat; smell the tang of salt in the air. Watch the sun’s rays play over the ocean’s surface, creating shifting spots of teal, cerulean, cobalt, and green. Don’t be surprised if you see dolphins or whales frolicking in the waves—they are there to assist you. Spend a few minutes drinking in the ocean’s beauty and appreciating its vast splendor.

    Once you are fully engaged with the setting before you, visualize yourself sitting on the beach, facing the ocean, and watching the waves advance and retreat. As each new wave of seawater approaches, imagine it carrying healing energy toward you. The magnificent ocean in your thoughts is sending you light and love while the sun supports your healing efforts and Mother Earth grounds you in the moment so healing can occur. When you feel you are finished, grant the ocean your earnest gratitude for the aid it has given you. Thank the sun, the sand, and any other elements of your visualization that offered you guidance. Perform this meditation daily or monthly in order to rid yourself of negativity and reestablish emotional equilibrium. Just as the ocean’s tides sweep the shores free of detritus, restoring balance, so can the waves in our mind’s eye cleanse our souls of what no longer serves us.


  • Thanks Bee, glad you are doing better, I feel like a bologna sandwich, just meat laying between two slices of bread, no mayo. Tired and sleepy, wanna go back to bed. I will check in this weekend, everyone be Blessed! The tides have turned in this Harvest season! Something good is coming for everyone, Believe!

    I'm thankful that I have employment.

    I'm thankful for the exciting times ahead (spiritually).

    I'm thankful for my best friend of 30 years.

    I'm thankful that there is always alternatives for every situation!

    Love All Namaste!


  • Hi all, I found you.....LOL

    Popping in just to say hello. I miss you all terribly. Life has me away from you now but you are all close in thought every day. Be well and know that I am forever thankful for each of you and for tarot for allowing us to come together on the forums. Sure wish it was part of the app for my phone but maybe some day it will be.

    I am thankful for all our many blessings, for those yet to come, for those seen and appreciated and for those unseen and serving us without our awareness....I am thankful!!!!

  • Good morning, all from me anyway's.

    I am Thankful for a new day.

    I am Thankful i am feeling better.

    I am Thankful for finding, some love.

    I am Thankful for, peace, and quiet.

    I am Thankful for my creativity, and dreams

    I am Thankful for my spiritual church, spiritual family.

    I am Thankful for earth. and the animals that live here.

    Love n Light Bee xx

    A Citizen of the World


    Daily Om

    An aware traveler sees each new journey as an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of humanity.

    As the technology of travel grows ever more refined, the world grows smaller. Whereas a journey of a hundred miles once took many days, we can now travel across the globe in mere hours. The four corners of the earth are accessible by plane, train, and ship, and there are few pleasures in life as soul-stirring and transformative as travel. In a new land, the simplest of joys can be profound—meditation takes on a new quality because the energy in which we are immersed is unfamiliar. Our sensory experiences are entirely novel. Yet the relative ease with which we can step out of our own culture in order to explore another means that we are ambassadors representing not only our own way of life but also the culture of the traveler. As a conscious citizen of the world, you can add value to the locales you visit while simultaneously broadening your own perspective.

    A truly aware traveler sees each new journey as an opportunity to improve international relations, spread goodness, and gain a greater understanding of humanity. To immerse yourself in foreign cultures is to open your mind to fresh ways of being. Your natural curiosity can help you navigate the subtleties that define a culture. While you may not agree with all the traditions or laws of a country, abiding by them demonstrates that you understand and respect their value. Staying centered in another culture is often simply a matter of learning about your destination, being patient with yourself and others, and accepting that people may treat you as an example of your country’s attitudes. New worlds will open to you when you take part in the everyday life of a locale—the reality of a destination is in its markets, its streets, and its people.

    Traveling presents a wonderful opportunity to practice being open-minded and grounded. The voyages you make help cultivate a worldwide community in which we as humans can acknowledge and appreciate our differences as much as we recognize and appreciate our similarities. Though you will eventually return home, the positive impression you leave behind will remain as a testament to the respect and amicability that marked your intercultural interactions.

  • Hi everybody hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

    so much is happening in my life at the moment, it feel s exhausting sometimes spreading my energy in so many directions, I am certainly kept busy and for this I am thankful for the support and patience of my family and friends. i am thankful that I am able to come visit you all here especially when things seem too much and on top of me in the outside world, as i can bask in the peace and love that oozes from each one of you, Thank You!

    I am thankful for friends

    I am thankful for my health and that of my family and friends

    I am thankful for my trust in the divine that all will work out to be well, I will find that perfect flat

    I am thankful for the abundance and prosperity in my life

    I am thankful that I am safe and protected

    I am thankful for my mind and personality

    I am thankful for my courage

    I am feeling in quite a generous mood i want to share, I think today I am going to at least help one stranger on my travels even if it is just a big smile, it could cheer that person up and if they think I am weird, then well I have humored them and given them a laugh. Will let you know how it went. Just want to share and spread love and happiness, because I feel so thankful ;D

    Love and Light


  • Oh RC, do I miss you! Where is Ramonita? Huge changes are coming soon for all of us who are ready and willing going straight up to the 11/11/11.

    LeoLou, I love your words, beautiful, you will find the Peace within and thats something no one can take away from you, not circumstances, madness of other folks, nada!

    A smile goes a long way! A kind gesture. Doesn't always cost money of help someone.

    I'm thankful today for a new day!

    I'm thankful for the wonderful changes on the horizon.

    I'm thankful to be above every dart that is thrown at me

    I'm thankful for the Peace, Love and Light within.

    I'm thankful for each and everyone of YOU'S.

    I'm thankful to continue growing spritually and EVOLVING.

    I'm thankful for new starts, fresh beginings and hopeless optimism for our future.

    I'm thankful for my little grandbaby, so cute!

    I'm thankful for love, which heals all wounds, past, present and future!


  • Info, may wanna mark your calendars:


    September 21-22:

    Earth-Elenin-Venus alignment

    September 23:

    Sixth and final "Night" of the 9th and final Wave of the Mayan Calendar... to October 10. The Sixth Night is felt to be the last energetic opportunity for us to turn inward to prepare for the polarity shift that the Wave is bringing to Earth.


    Planetary Grid Transmissions... FIRE THE GRID!

    Sunrise Solar Wave

    September 23-26:

    Participate in The Cosmic Convergence

    (Actualizing Unity Consciousness)

    September 25 - October 1:

    Rite of Passage #1

    September 26-27-28:

    Sun-Elenin-Earth alignment; also involving Mercury

    Elenin passes between the Earth and the Sun for 3 days creating the possibility of an electromagnetic event involving all three objects: the Sun, Comet Elenin and the Earth.

    September 27:

    New Moon

    Planetary Grid Transmissions... FIRE THE GRID!


    The probability exists during the entire month of October for very unique Earth changes as a result of the cosmic and planetary alignments and incoming streams of high frequency light.

    October 2-8:

    Rite of Passage #2

    October 9-15:

    Rite of Passage #3

    October 11-28:

    "Day 7" and final day cycle of the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar

    October 12:

    Full Moon

    Planetary Grid Transmissions... FIRE THE GRID!

    Alignment of Earth, Elenin and Mars

    October 16-22:

    Rite of Passage #4

    October 16-17:

    Closest approach of Elenin to the Earth

    October 23-29:

    Rite of Passage #5

    October 26:

    New Moon

    Planetary Grid Transmissions... FIRE THE GRID!

    October 28:

    End of the Mayan Calendar according to Carl Calleman and embraced by many Planetary Light Servers.

    October 30-November 5:

    Rite of Passage #6


    November 3-7:

    Earth passes through Elenin's tail

    During this time we may see several meteor showers and heightened Earth rumblings.

    November 6-11:

    Rite of Passage #7

    November 10:

    Full Moon

    Planetary Grid Transmissions... FIRE THE GRID!

    November 11:

    The 11-11-11 Triple Date Portal

    Perfect Alignment of Elenin, Earth, Mercury and Venus

    Explosive Surges through the planetary Crystalline Grid

    Ascension Stargate Opens...1st Wave of Ascension

  • Hola Sister's, I am late but thankfully here.

    Today I Am Thankful for the Love of God that is in my heart.

    I'm thankful that I Am a thread in the tapestry of life.

    I'm thankful for the surrender to love.

    I'm thankful that love heals all.

    I'm thankful that I'm learning to recognize what's really important in life.


    I pray that the Angels surround each of you and your families and keeps you all safe and well.

    I pray that luck follows you everywhere and everything you touch turns to gold.

    I pray that good health is your bedfellow.

    I pray that Peace rests always on your doorstep and in your lives forever. Love All!

    "Blessed Be."

  • angel hugs


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