• i am thankful that even though i am awaiting a triple by pass and value replacement, i am at peace, i have live a fairly long life, just like everyone elses withs its ups and down, i have my faith in god, for he is the only one that knows the outcome of my situation, i am at peace, for i know that god is good and merciful, i trust and believe in his almighty purpose for me, i am thankful for this knowledge.

  • Hi Ramonita, a lot of courage to you. I am sure your positive attitude and love and care around you will help so much of your healing. So, wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Please let us know when is this and how you are. Xx

  • HI ZNL

    thank you so very much for joining me on this forum, and most of all thank you for your support,

    i will keep u posted, it means so very much when a person reaches out to another to support them,

    i am waiting from my primary doctor, the referral to the surgeon, i will post before and after, thank you again

    love and light, bless u

  • Your positive attitude and outlook is everything. Yes, I will look for your progress report until you are all done with this. Xx

  • Making the post to appear...

  • Znl

    may all with you be great, i am so sorry i have not written to you sooner, i was waiting for the oppointment for the surgeon which will be on the 13th of this month, and on the 14th of this month

    in between i plan to visit my daughter in conecticut for 4 days, she will fly up after i get the operation,

    life is to short it has to be live to the fullest, i pray each night that the spammers leave this site, this has been going on for years, it is just so beautiful when it was giving spirtual advice to one another, may you continue to do well, and the universe bless u with many beautiful things, i will be back to mmorrow to write my thankful list, because of the spammers poetifc move this forum to face book. have a great day ,,,love and light

  • Hi Ramonita, so good to hear from you. Enjoy your visit with your daughter and then thanks for the good wishes. Sounds like you are arranging the doctors and tests and your care (w daughter) all beautifully. Thanks for the update, I hope you keep me posted and I will think of you and your speedy and full recovery for those days. Xx

    I am thankful for the well wishes coming from you today and also for your health issues being taken care of.

  • today i am thankful that i have gotten to see this day,

    i am thankful to see my daughter turn 47 today,

    something that thirty years ago, i thought was not possible, but i trusted in god and i am here today,

    i am thankful for all the life lessons that i have recievced that from each i have learned , good or bad,

    i am thankfuil that today is a sunny beautiful day,

    i am thankful for the discion with my son that ended in a better understanding of the life situation we are both living,

    i am thankful that i have everything that i need, i am thankful to god to the universe and all the angels that help

  • Znl,

    i am trying to read your post, i dont understand what happens here, on a new page you have to start from the beginning to get to almost the last page, god bless u i will be back

  • Yes, I know what you mean about the post issues and getting to the last page to see the latest post. It seems like it is not always w a new page either :). It worked out again though and here we are. 🙂 Feel free if you ever want to do a new post/thread when there is that issue in this one.

    I am happy to read all the blessings in your life and your wonderful attitude.

    I am thankful for work, friends, family and life.

  • I am thankful for better life

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