• Today I am thankful for good health , happiness and. The abundance of prosperity that I am always receiving .

  • livingon a prayer,

    it is so good to hear from you, thank you for your support and love, i miss u, very much, i pray to god, that you are doing better with each passing day, u and your family,,, hugs, always,

  • poetic, i am also so grateful to you, u are blessed, thanks so much for your words, they give me strength, , i am thankful for my friends, god bless u all

  • I miss you to Ramonita I pray that all is well with you and your family wishing you all the best Sending you an abundance of love and hugs xxx

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am thankful that this forum, site exist so that anyone can come in vent, talk, write, seek advice, etc without needing to pay or do a thing.

  • i miss you guys, we have come so far!



  • yes, poetic, i also miss u guys, i remember when they were so many of us on this forum, it seems like life, has complicated it self and each day they is less time, so times i want to come in, and when i look, i am waking up it is the next day, i am thankful for coming this far, and alot i owe to you, i am so grateful to you , u dont have a idea, life is beautiful but most of all love is the most precious thing in this world and i am so grateful to the many kinds of loves that they are in this world,,, i am thank ful to god, for giving me just what i need, to survive just another day,

  • i am thankful, to having all my needs meet,

    i am thankful to living in a home,

    i am thankful to bieng part of that home,

    i am thankful i can see another day, the sky, the sun, feel the wind upon my skin,

    i am thankful for my friends, who encourage me, and with thier love, make my days much brighter, i am thankful for the knowledge, i have acquired over the years, i am thankful for those who have guided the way for me,

    i am thankful that i have a happy and healthy family, i am thankful for each second of each day,,,

    god bless u all,,,,

  • my post dissapear, i wish adminstration wiould intervine because this happens frequently

  • i am thankful to everything, i am thankful for love, i am thankful that today is thnaks giving day, we give thanks to life initself

  • I am grateful for the life the universe has given me,

    for all the lessons whether good or bad,

    to coming to this site and finding so many friends who stay in my heart to this day,

    i am grateful that i have all my needs meet,

    i am grateful for all the smile that my grandchildren put in my face,

    i am thankful for the laughter they put in my heart,

    i am thankful for my five senses, which i can enjoy all the beautiful the universe has before me, to see , hear, smell, and taste,

    the wonders of the earth are just marvellously made, thank u eternally, for each passing moment to enjoy life

  • i will always remember this forum, with so much love, i am ever grateful for bieng part of this

  • i wrote two posts and they did not show up, on this forum this problem is not a new one, we complain alot in the past, yet all the spamming is still passing thru for one reason or another

  • bump, bump

  • I am thank ful for my grandchildren who put a smile on my face,

    who put laughter in my heart,

    i am thankful to the universe for giving me another day on earth, i am thankful for all the wonders of the universe which make my heart beat, i am thankful for all the beauty i see, for all the love i feel,

    for all those to who come to my aid when i am down,

    i am thankful to those who come to me when they need a helping handk,

    i am thankful to everything i learn on this site, to the teachers, who have led me in a path of light,

    this is the third time i submit this post, and it doesnot post, i pray that the universe helps me this time

  • i am thankful

  • i am thankful that my post s did not dissappear

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