• Hi Lovingsilverwings!

    How are you? Have the meds and rest alleviated some symptoms? I was thinking of you this weekend and wondering if your health has improved a bit. In doing so, I thought of something else … I think you & I spoke ages ago about ley lines. I had never heard of them when you mentioned it and looked into it. I wish I had remembered this sooner ---- Some many people gathered in special ( powerful) places this year, I would have asked if you felt anything during these gatherings. (like when they gathered in Peru.) Our world is fascinating. May the blessng you give, return ten-fold!

  • Hi Lovingsilverwings!

    How are you? Have the meds and rest alleviated some symptoms? I was thinking of you this weekend and wondering if your health has improved a bit. In doing so, I thought of something else … I think you & I spoke ages ago about ley lines. I had never heard of them when you mentioned it and looked into it. I wish I had remembered this sooner ---- Some many people gathered in special ( powerful) places this year, I would have asked if you felt anything during these gatherings. (like when they gathered in Peru.) Our world is fascinating. May the blessng you give, return ten-fold!

  • oops, that one came thru doubled when it looked like it disappeared

  • Hi Poetic!

    Thanks for letting RC know. I'm praying MamaRam is healing physically. We know her spirit is powerful and can overcome anything! : ) I just went back and saw your intuition is manifesting more & more. I swear when we pay attention and live joyously it truly does show up--- Go U! Wondering about this coming year …. me too, …. I like what you said about ordering our steps to be sure … perfectly put. I fully intend to step up and out into my world as guided. I'm going to make a copy of this and post it somewhere so I can read it daily --- Thank YOU!

    Affirmative Prayer for Unexpected Blessings

    I live in the midst of infinite abundance.
The abundance of Spirit is my infinite source.
The river of Life’s good never stops flowing.
It flows through me into lavish expression.
Good comes to me through unexpected avenues.
Spirit works in a multitude of ways to bless me.
I now open my heart and mind to receive my good.
With Spirit as my source, nothing is too good to be true.
Wonderful things happen to me, in me, and around me.
I give freely and fearlessly into life and life gives back to me with fabulous increase.
Blessings come from every direction in expected and unexpected ways.
Spirit provides for me in a generous and wonderful manner.
I am filled with joy, peace, and gratitude.
Thank you, Loving Spirit!

  • Today I'm thankful for:

    being alive to celebrate all the beauty in the world.

    having connections to loving, giving people.

    being asked to unite another couple as they begin their life together.

    knowing that place of peace and love within and sometimes : ) finding the words to share it.

    a hot shower to warm my bones and cleanse more than my body.

    having choices and opportunities.

  • Hi Girls!

    As 2011 has gone so has much mind clutter.

    Which brings in more space.

    Situations bring in many challenges in our life as it is the challenges and changes that bring in a new view.

    We call it a fog or feel lost but I see it now to be the change of a new development in life.

    The process always bring in what your journey in life will be as we think we know it and it shows something more.

    As each of us have gone through our own journey to share as it is a light of direction we all have inside what we need to go on and it is a trust in oneself to develop this wonderful life with all its sides.

    I lived with moments to see my husband paralyzed and me sad for his life..but hes not.

    I have come to see deep inside what was pulled out in me to see an amazing level of Love in me.

    I will find this will be given out more to share a new truth of ever changing growth though ways we think we can not endure sometimes.

    As emotions goes as water though ever crack and even a rock it can form and shape as my rock needed new shape to see.

    Its never to late. It comes when it comes no time as we think it should in age.

    As it is our personal process to celebrate all different but yet knowing life.

    You will always get what you need for your life path.

    My search is over ..now my Trust holds on.

    My Soul knows this but it took my Brains to come to terms with it..lol

    I present my gift to you all in Love of Spirit in your soul as it comes in that Special place we all know and Love to feel the conformation of what you know.

    Thank you Dear ones for being apart of my life as I look back where I was when I first came here and now where I am.

    What a lovely Gift given to me..Thank You! Kathy

    I have found even if I dont name you all or met on a personal note the spirit knows like mind.

    I am Thankful for Time.

    I have been given more time to do other things.

    How Grateful I am to be able to do everyday things I had before.

    A New Message From VERONICA

    The Importance of Self Awareness

    "Each physical life offers an opportunity to expand the soul. Life lessons are created to offer the choice in regard to the accomplishment of that. The physical reality offers the choices but alas also offers many distractions that can keep one from attaining their full potential.

    Attempt each day to have awareness of your participation. Within the chatter and noise of the physical lies a path to the core of your own soul. It is important to maintain the trueness of that path by being totally aware of your participation in this physical realm.

    Decide to release unnecessary drama that can cloud your purpose. Often that includes separation from those who are creating the drama, and taking responsibility for your energy within the moment. A complicated moment it may seem, however, once the energy is silenced, the clarity of your soul speaks loudly.

    Take the time for the exploration. Be aware of your soul and its need in this reality. Often the chaos is a reflection of those around you, not necessarily your own vibration. By being self aware, you may be able to discern the root of the chaos.

    Align with the rhythm of your inner energy. Be aware of all its nuances, and become harmonious with it.

    It is a great gift to be evolved, but the moment becomes more enhanced by being aware.

    Pay attention to the small moments. They are the seeds to the garden of your experience.

    Be aware of what your energy brings to the table. Be responsible for altering your perspective in the situation. That ingredient may realign the drama and enhance the evolution."


  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance and colour.

    Laie4,my health is improving all the time.

    You just reminded me why I have been feeling the need for a lot of rest..

    My body has and is healing.

    It feels good to have a body which is begining to to feel alive.

    The meds have been working.

    Yes Laie4, we did speak about ley lines.

    There are many ley lines globally, which affect many, not just people but land, people, plant life, etc.

    Usually, I feel these events with being restless and out of sorts.

    Even the earthquakes, major storms as I feel the departing of many "souls" from this planet.

    When this occurs, I ask the arch angels, and all of the heavenly host to assist these "souls" on their journey.

    I am going to start tuning into these gathering more, so I may enjoy the energy more fully.

    Thank you for the reminder.


    loving silver wings

  • LotusPriestess – those spiritual groups you are going to with your girlfriend sound interesting, bet you are both learning lotsJ please share what knowledge you receive next week on angelic consciousness, if you can and have time thanks. Good luck with finding the right course for you, I too have a thirst for knowledge.

    As for the daily OM, I once fell for the revenge thinking trap, but am thankful that these days I realise their negative consequences and think in more positive ways and you know what, it really does work, my life is a true reflection of my thoughts and happiness is bliss! If I can change my thinking around, anyone can, thank you for reminding me of the way I used to create my life and how thankful I am now for the changes I have made, which are manifesting beautifully.

    Laie4 - hank you for your upliftment and encouragement, all is in divine order here, thanks and I am glad you feel my love that I send to you all. I feel you really do enjoy and appreciate the beauty in the world and it shines from you here on this thread, God Bless you. Hope all is well your end!

    Zepagain – You write so beautifully, wise and strong, your words fill me with strength and self-awareness is of the importance, more so now than ever before, as we go through the Earth changes and rise in energy vibrations all around and within us, thank you, Peace!

    I am thankful for:

    Time for all that makes me sigh in awe


    Love, peace, hope positively, creativity and the synchronicity I receive more and More here in this thread, which is like a big hello this is what I need to be concentrating on, remembering and being thankful for.

    The simple things in life.

    Love and Light LL

  • I love you guys so much, okay I've been playing hooky, went home sick yesterday just feeling weird and off and thought I'd go home and lay down, still at home will be back tomorrow. I figured it was something energy wise going on with the Changes that are upon us. So glad to hear from you Zep you too have taught me a lot and we are keeping Andre in our prayers, you guys are a rock in a sea of chao's sometimes thats for sure. I enjoy growing and sharing and learning from all of you. May God/Divine Creator All that is, continue you to bless us all and all of our loved ones. I feel your light Leo Lou it's really shining, I gott catch up a few pages tomorrow. Glad you are better Juliana, I know Ramonita will be back you see when I was really ready to go and meet her she dissappeared but it's all good. To all my Soul Sistah's of Light, love and miss and appreciate all! Hasta Manana!

  • Love the flower Pic!

  • Still Blah and wanna lay down until Monday, be back soon (Mentally). "Out for Lunch today'!


    Still Thankful!

    This is an example of the light I saw on 12/12 the only thing is that it was all Golden and it looked like Jesus was one Channeling the Light down to me very cool!

  • Post missing again.

  • Hi Poetic 🙂

    Today I'm thankful for you and grateful I found this thread 🙂

    I've been out to lunch the last part of 2011, so I know what you are saying. I don't post much but I still look for your threads of wisdom and they help me so much. I love the golden light from Jesus!! Its pure LOVE! so AWESOME!

    Love and Light 🙂 GJay

  • Leolou

    I admire you as you have a sign of its above me..but yet I see you reach out.OMG

    What a gift.

    You help me as I have a challenge with Leos

    Ok let us share us.

    Is we search ourself.

    If i see this I share

  • Hello darlings! Zep I'm glad you are back so regular, didn't get a chance yet to watch the video's will watch tomorrow at home. GJay you won't belive this but I was thinking about you for some reason around the holidays, you crossed my mind as do so many wonderful people I have met here, we all have come here for some reason at certain stages of our lives as if led..... I'm sitting here pondering whats next for me this year, there is so much going on and then sometimes nothing at all, mysterious. I"ve been extremely emotional lately crying a lot whether happy or sad tears, I wonder if I'm going through menopause had a big cycle change too. The things I'm seeing now are much larger, vast images, textures, looked like I saw the moon texture wise last night, you know with the little like potholes in them and lots of light, well I'm just sharing. A part of me wants to jump in my car and runaway and start a new life somewhere else, I want to travel the world I've been getting my passport since last year, didn't get it yet, I feel like a lot of loose ends have been tied but at the same time reality calls as far as basic survival you know gotta work so I feel like I'm at a cross roads with the signs, left, right, center or still.







    AL-ILAH RAPHA (Aramaic). “God of Healing.”

    Ancient expression for the intervention of the Divine Powers that all humanity requires to live and breathe.

    Most precious and exalted Lord who Heals, Al-ilah Rapha, examine my body and physical nature with Thy penetrating and healing power.

    May Thou Heal us from all sicknesses and sufferings and bring a restoration of health in body and spirit to those I pray for at this hour, especially for those in a time of transition.


    AMMI SHADDAI (Hebrew). “People of the Almighty.”

    The title of the beloved of God imprinted within the People who know the Holy Names as signaled in the writings of Isaiah and other prophets. An expression for God interacting with the People of Light as found in the major and minor prophets of Israel.

    O my beloved Ammi Shaddai.

    May the powers of Shaddai awaken our crown with Light and Splendor to feel in our midst the Presence of the Almighty Lover.


    EL BRIT (Hebrew). “The Covenant.”

    The living compact between the Divine and us as planetary pilgrims of the Divine who have recorded their expressions in the phonetic and musical expressions of sacred traditions.

    (Josh 3:3)

    El Brit, may The Covenant that Thou hast spoken to my forefathers and foremothers remind me of Thy victory and that of Thy hosts in the higher worlds so I may persevere in this vale of tears until Victory brings me out of the exile of my soul.


    Peace belongs to us all, we need only breathe it in! Namaste

  • I am thankful for all the beautiful pixes that all have posted it is so up lifting

    I am thankful to all on this forum for sharing and caring

    I am thankful for my children & grandchildren

    I am thankful for my parttime job, a roof over our heads and my old car still running

    and tomorrow I get to meet with my old friend 🙂

  • I saw this one and it made me laugh to think of silly things to do to Have fun.

    I am Thankful I remember to have some fun and now to remember to wear my Glasses.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    The Habit of "Having Fun" Article

    By Dan Robey

    I think you are going to love this article. In fact,

    as strange as it may seem, considering the title,

    I think it is one of my best articles. I hope you

    enjoy it.

    OK, I think you are going to love this habit.


    Because it's all about "fun." I am a big fan of the TV show

    Seinfeld, and one of my favorite episodes is an episode

    called "The Marine Biologist."

    In this episode Jerry Seinfeld runs into an old high school

    female friend of George Costanza. She asks how George

    is doing now 20 years later. Jerry wants to impress her so he

    makes up a story that George is now a very successful Marine


    That is the episode that gave me the inspiration for this article ,

    but here this is the scene and the one line spoken by the

    character known as Kramer that sums up the habit of having fun.

    Kramer decides that it would be fun to take his golf clubs

    down by the ocean and start hitting golf balls into the ocean

    (not great for the ocean but in Kramer's mind ....lots of fun!!)

    So, now that Kramer is very excited about his new found "fun idea"

    he rushes into Jerry's apartment to share his idea with Jerry ,

    George and Elaine and he screams "Who wants to have some fun!!"

    OK, lets break this down a bit.

    Kramer starts out by thinking of something that he thinks would

    be "WAY" fun.......that's part one.

    Here is part two.

    Kramer takes his idea, his enthusiasm, and his energy

    and shares it with his friends by screaming

    "Who wants to have some fun!"

    How often do we say that?

    How often do you wake up on a weekend morning, jump out of bed,

    make some coffee and very excitedly say to your spouse or

    significant other.

    What can we do today to have fun, and lots of it!

    Maybe you should just say "Who wants to have some fun!!"

    The best part about this question is that virtually no one

    "dislikes" having fun.

    So the answer is inevitably "I do."

    The problem is that we live in a fast paced society where that

    question is seldom asked.

    Everything is high pressure, stress, and work , work , work.

    But, guess what the best stress reliever of all is?

    You guessed it.....having fun.

    It is after all the reason why we work so darn hard...or at least

    it is supposed to be that way.

    Think about this for a minute.

    "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is one of the most

    famous phrases in the United States Declaration of Independence and

    considered by many as part of one of the most well crafted,

    influential sentences in the history of the English language!

    WOW! ...... the pursuit of Happiness, I would say that happiness is

    directly related to how much fun we have in life.

    Here is something else to think about.

    How many times have you sat down with friends with one goal in


    How can we have THE MOST fun today?

    I would say that is one very powerful habit. To make having

    fun a PRIORITY.

    To strive to be as HAPPY as possible.

    Make it a commitment today.

    When you are finished reading this article walk away from your

    computer and scream at the top of your lungs..."Who wants to have

    some fun!!!"

    I guarantee you that it will put a smile on your face and the face

    of EVERYONE who hears it.

    Make it your motto.

    Make it a habit.

    Make it the one thing that everybody remembers about you.

    You will live longer.

    You will love longer.

    You will make yourself and everyone around you happier.

    You will fulfilling the request of the founders of the United

    States who so eloquently said "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of


  • Hi everyone, today I am thankful for fun, love, laughter, healing, me time, the simple things in life,

    happiness, friends, counselling, the joy of helping others, the moment of compassion, an after life, my Angels and knowledge.

    poetic555 - Hope you feel well soon.

    Love the pic of what the light you saw on 12/12 was like, what an experience! I feel you are feeling quite restless at the moment, as if you are doing a lot of soul searching and looking for direction, as you said "so I feel like I'm at a cross roads with the signs, left, right, center or still".

    Sending positive, loving healing energy to you and surround you in the Golden Christ Light.

    Get well soon.

    zepagain - than you for your honesty and kind words, really do hope that I can help you as you find Leo's challenging, maybe I can help you see differently or turn inward to face previous challenging and difficulties experienced with other Leo. Yes let us share us.

    Enjoyed The Habit of "Having Fun" Article, it is funny the card I pulled to day for myself from my pack of Angel cards, was the the Angel of playfulness and is all about us adults allowing for some play time and having fun.

    So today I have not been so hard on myself with my work and have done simple things like looking around my favorite shops, buying some favorite treats to eat ,while renting a film to watch with my other half.

    All this was fun to me, although when I read your post I shouted "Who wants to have some fun!!!"

    My boyfriend said "Okay, we will put the film on now" and the cat jumped up off the sofa and hid under the chair. She is okay now though I have comforted her, will have to lower my tone in future.

    Love and Light LL

  • Great article! Thanks Sister of My Heart!

    Today I'm most thankful for receiving the words of other people that inspire and keep me steadfast upon my path. The Source of all Love always sends divine intervention just when I need it most. Today I reaffirm my blessings.

  • It's been quite some time since I last posted on these forums. I'm thankful for my job and my wonderful boyfriend (six months and counting!)

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