The captain... (confusing virgo man!)

  • Hi captain,

    in response from your reply on the help with a Taurus guy. His name is David Jones, My name is Emma Leeson My DOB 26.06.1987 his as we have only just met I dont know the day but I know its august 1978. I just dont know where i stand with this guy I am now questioning whether he even likes me anymore

  • I always ask for the other person's birthdate to see how much the question asker knows them. If you don't even know his exact date, what else don't you know about him? I feel you need to get to know this person better as a friend before you jump into anything deeper. You have only just met. Take it slowly. This guy hasn't even had the chance to get to know you either so he probably hasn't made up his mind about you.

  • thats me all over... jumping into things! I havent even heard from him since yesterday afternoon... I think maybe I need to back off from him. I have been offered a job 3 hours from home so it requires me moving. the job is just what i love, riding horses all day long but i feel that finding love is more important to me so meeting dave is giving me to minds whether I should go or not. what do you think I should do? x

  • Definitely go for your dream job! You are not even sure about whether you really like this guy or not or if he likes you. You can't throw away a wonderful career opportunity for a 'maybe' situation.

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