Where was God ?????

  • You have a lot to answer for God

    Im so upset right now you know what im talking about Little D How could you let that happen? how could you Destroy a whole Family? Why im glad this is my last life time and what a load of bollacks it is about choosing our own life path .

    Keep the Faith i think not !!!!!!!!!!

  • Dear, you sound upset and troubled...hugs LOAP...

    Whatever it is, there must be a reason for it. Nothing happens without it...

    I shall keep you in my prayers tonight for you to be able to accept whatever has happened dear...

  • Thanks Saggigirl ,

    Im just get so upset at how God allows very bad things to happen to children its not right .

    L&L LOap:)

  • You know, i start to believe we've got this whole God thing wrong. I mean i remember reading somewhere "let yourself be educated by Nature". Now Nature is God's work right ? Well, sorry folks there's no love in nature no mercy, just logic, just survival of the strongest, the most resilient the most intelligent and the most competent and there's a good reason for this, survival of the strongest genes to ensure evolution and not de-evolution. We need to believe God is love because we have an innate need to feel secured and loved but there's no such thing in life. For me, God is a Universal force who ensures the continuation of life, not our personal happiness. We just can't stand the thought of being alone in an uncaring universe but you know what, if we hadn't that God thing to give and expect love from, when we felt totally alone and helpless maybe then we could turn to love each other and help each other instead of waiting for Heaven to come and save us.

  • I just cant comprehend if there is a god how he lets these things happen ,i do beleive there is something out there i always have like you Sh is a universal force a higher power .

    Do you believe we choose our life path ?

  • Lol i'm not enlightened to know such things and frankly i stopped wondering about them, people struggle to find answers since we stood on two legs, still nothing for sure so what's the point ? If we devoted some of the time we waste for such questions to help our fellow humans we'd live in a slightly better world don't you think ?

    I have a newbie stoopid question.

    A person devotes his/her life to connect with higher vibrations, meditation, speak with God or aliens from andromeda or Elvis or Daffy Duck, cleanse spirit chakras, ascend etc etc

    Now another devotes his/her life doing selfless charity work like Maria Theresa.

    Who do you think will find TRUE enlightenment ? Both ? Don't think so....

  • Another newbie question : Let's suppose a well-known and loved member of a spiritual forum posts a desperate thread asking for financial support, even a few bucks, whatever anyone could contribute.

    How many "enlightened" or people "well on their ascension process" would actually help this person ? (with donating a buck, not prayers.....)

  • Like some New Age writers who preach ascension to the 5th dimension and crystal dna reconstructuring and release our fixation to material needs.....

  • While they live a frugal life in Beverly Hills bahahaha

  • There is no such thing as a free lunch everyone wants a buck it seems . Its sad isnt it .

    Beverly Hills im with you all the way on that one.

  • It's only natural to want a buck to make a living but when you preach people should leave the material world behind to find "enlightenment" why do you enjoy your riches and not give it to the needy mr. ascended writer ? Scuse me, that's hypocrisy !

    Have you ever thought all those in India dying from hunger or malaria and the same time the "enlightened" Maharaja is in the golden palace with his harem.....maybe that's why all religions were invented, to convince people it's a sin to pursue material wealth....leaving it to the rich who'll go to h*** while the poor will be rewarded....in the next life bahahaha

    The only time in history where the poor had a good time was when they stopped praying and took action.

    And that was the end of the Czar

    And that was the end of the French king

    And that's why churches and tyrants always go hand to hand

  • Oh man i'm on a highway to helllll.... or to be banned bahahaha

    Vive la revolution !

  • Hey SH

    Who is this an image of ? I know the face i cant seem to place the name

  • Ernesto "Che" Guevara June 14, 1928 – October 9, 1967), commonly known as El Che or simply Che, was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, intellectual, leader, diplomat and military theorist. A major figure of the Cuban Revolution, his stylized visage has become a ubiquitous countercultural symbol of rebellion and global insignia within popular culture.

    A rebel, an idealist, a non-comformist, a brave indominable spirit, a real freedom fighter.

    Until Always [English]

    We learned to love you

    from the heights of history

    with the sun of your bravery

    you laid siege to death


    The deep (or beloved) transparency of your presence

    became clear here

    Commandante Che Guevara

    Your glorious and strong hand

    fires at history

    when all of Santa Clara

    awakens to see you


    You come burning the winds

    with spring suns

    to plant the flag

    with the light of your smile


    Your revolutionary love

    leads you to a new undertaking

    where they are awaiting the firmness

    of your liberating arm


    We will carry on

    as we did along with you

    and with Fidel we say to you:

    Until Always, Commandante!

  • Thats very powerful SH i get a real 60s vibe around him , i feel alot of drug use around him is this true?

    Its just the energy i am picking up from his photo i could be well off the mark .

    Love . LIght and hugs Mags xx

  • LOAP I hope you are doing ok. Everything happens for a reason. Why it does no one knows. at least on this mortal plane blessings and prayers to you

    Hey seehorse as far as revolutinary's nothing good comes from it if the narcasistic person is live castro, hitler, stalin, qhadfi, hussien etc.... all they did was cause more pain and inflict fear upon the people instead of doing what was right

  • Mags have you never heard of Che Guavara? If you google you willl find millions of websites, books, films about him.

  • Nothing is black and white Shadowmist, If not for Stalin Hitler would've conquered Europe, use Caucasus oil to fuel the panzers....and the UK and US would be next. No revolution is the same, no rebel is the same. I have some rebels names here : Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Geroge Washington, Mahatma Gandhi the list is too big to mention here. As for some causing more pain read about how people lived in Czar's Russian Empire before Lenin kicked him out....

  • I think there are a lot of unsung heros among the revolutionaries and just imagine what our world would be like today if they did not exist. However this jumps away from LoaP's main topic which is- Where is God? Who is God? What is God? We spirituals belive in things like reincarnation and life after death which, according to the Church (Catholic at least), speaking on God's behalf, as self-declared messengers, is blasphemy and does not exist, at least not unless you are Jesus.Mags my hart goes out to you, you need to put a block up for that energy thing or you will be driven insane, feeling everyone else's pain, misery, you name it, is very draining and also very depressing. You need to visualise a whirlwind whipping aroud you from head to toe cleaning out all the negative energy you have picked up and send it in to the ground, back to Mother Earth, and you need to shut off your empathic side and only open the latch when called upon to do so. You have to find the time to do the whirlwind, lock yourself in the toilet for example, it only takes 5 minutes.

    Hugs to you dear friendxxxPaddi

  • yeah I know SH they were surfs for the czars but at least they could pray & go to church if they wanted under lenin forget it (see I did remember some of my history from many moons ago 🙂 maybe that is why so many of the middle eastern countries are breaking out so to speak now

    There are some revolutionaries that did do good but unfortunately most people forget about them.

    Yes LOAP Che Guevara did drugs drank too. unfortunately he got alot of ideas from castro which was a shame for some one who had intelligence according to my old teachers and yes he wanted to make life better for his countrymen but he went about it the wrong way

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