• I am feeling too old to get a job, is this true? I know that i am still kind of cute ( men say so) but age wise, can I work? I dont want to teach pre k anymore, hwever, I love art. I still freelance cards, but will I ever have a little moblie art therapy kind of company or should I just focus on my art? selling it, making cards, etc... Or should I be a car salesman? I just nw god doesnt want me to teach preschool cos I kept getting fired for not geting along with my co workers. I always get pushy, mean women who boss me around and yell at me in front of the sweet children. Children LOVE me, its just the other teachers hated me. I am wokring on the parts of my [ersonality that get triggered by these teachers, and I am willing to be more assertive and not allow them to treat me like crap, however, i am really scared finacially, but this new friend is helping me lately, he could be a love interest, but I do not want someone to rescue me, I want to be self supporting

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  • You've answered your own question...more children or even big kids (adults) lol... can still learn from your knowledge weather it be the arts or anything else. In my culture, a teacher is very very important, not everyone can do it.... and so my Tarot friend, go for it! It's in you to share.

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  • Wonderful ... see you are only as old as you feel, seems to me that hadn't I known about your years of experience in teaching, I would say you have a young soul....

    Take care and enjoy your skills for they are waiting to learn!

    ScorpWolf 🙂

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