Please please help me find my engagement ring!

  • Dear brothers and sisters,

    I lost my engagement ring three weeks ago. The last I remember of it was that I placed it on my dining room table before going about the home chores and before I knew it, it was gone. My fiance and I are devastated. It was incredibly expensive and beautiful. We have looked EVERYWHERE and seeing as how I recently moved to this new place, my house isn't too packed with things so it's hard to imagine it could've just fell under something.

    If anyone could use their gifts to help me locate this ring, I will give you a distant Reiki treatment as thanks - I am a Reiki master myself. I have talked to the soul of the ring, I have asked the nature spirits for help and have prayed many many times. I am losing my mind now. Can you please please help me? More than just finding the ring, I want to do this for my fiance because I love him too much to cause him this pain. Please, I beg you.

    Thank you to everyone who responds.



  • Was anyone else there when you put it on the table to do your chores as I feel a man has it?

  • No I was alone in the house. Maybe you're referring to the replacement ring? We had a really small one made just for the time being but I am really hoping that I can locate my old one 😞

  • Sometimes things can be exactly where we left them but our subconscious mind has a message for us about the missing item and 'blinds' us to its presence. Do you have any reservations or fears at all - and they might be deeply hidden, not obvious - about this engagment and your life together?

  • Actually there are no fears or doubts whatsoever. Sure it's a big commitment but the only stress I've experienced was in the wedding planning process and none in the relationship itself. In fact, all these trials made us stronger.

    I've had my fiance and his dad both search the place on separate occasions and so even if it was hiding from me, I doubt it'd hide from them, especially if it was the dining room table?

    So was it a man then who took it or is it still hidden at my house? Will it ever find it's way back to me?

    Many thanks.

  • Well, I am picking up some doubts about your fiance - something about past behaviour?

  • The only thing I could think of is that I am afraid of having some part of my past remanifest itself in THIS relationship. I moved in with someone before for a very short time and was extremely unhappy, miserable, and trapped.. And since me getting married would also mean moving to another city and country, this is the only thing I feel uneasy about. So what should I do then?

  • Express your honest feelings and doubts to your fiance and talk it through. Communication and honesty are the foundation stones of a good relationship.

  • And the ring will reappear then?

  • It should, once the issues that caused it to go missing are resolved.

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