Markie808_Need Your Interpretation of Diamond Report Pls?

  • Hello Markie808,

    I was given the following result for an online Numerology Diamond Report:

    Challenge = 2

    Root = 11

    Action Key = 9

    Outcome = 2

    I would love to have your analysis/insight, recommendations and/or suggestions has to how to overcome said 'challenge' in my life and obtain the necessary 'outcome' for spiritual growth and life fulfillment. You are always so thorough and very helpful in your analysis, I have found!

    I would really appreciate your wisdom here! Let me know if there is anything else you'd need to support your interpretation. Thank you so much!

    Love and Light surround you,

  • Hi TT!

    To be quite honest I'm not familiar with the Diamond report.

    If you give me your date of birth I can assist you with your current challenge, and how you may better overcome it.

    Let me know πŸ™‚

    Create A Great Day!


  • Hello Markie808,

    Here is what this site ( says about the Diamond Numerology rept:

    "Numerology Diamond Report

    This special numerology report is based on your personal numbers arranged in the shape of a magical diamond. The Diamond offers a clear reflection of the interaction between the spiritual and physical dimensions of an individualοΏ½s life, based on the oldest and most secret Kabalistic numerology techniques. It reflects the unique part you play in humanity's role as the link between heaven and earth, and describes how you are working out your unique karma in any given year of your life."


    My DOB: is 11/8/63 (Nov 😎

    Thanks Markie808, I appreciate your energy πŸ™‚ Light and Love surround you,


  • TT,

    We all have 4 major challenges throughout our life.

    Yes we do have yearly challenges, as the energy for each year changes, and asks us to adapt and adhere to that particular vibration.

    However, the most important challenges that we have coincide with our long range cycles. Some of us even repeat our challenges, and that is okay, it just means that our soul feels we should spend more time reexamining our situation, and strengthening that part of us which maybe lacking.

    So for you, your current challenge is the number "1". Now this will last until the age of 52.

    The number "1" is the self starter, the motivator, the leader, and the first to go into battle.

    However, the 1 asks you to have more confidence within yourself, for you to trust own intuition, to trust your own judgment, and to develop more of a backbone. The 1 asks that you get into the drives seat of your life. It asks you to take charge and develop a self confidence that cannot be shaken or stirred. In a nut shell it is asking you to be aware that you have a sense of self, and to believe in yourself. You must be supportive of others without losing your own "voice." This is one side of the 1.

    The other side of the 1 asks you to be less tyrannical, let others have opinions as well, not be so bossy, and be cooperative rather than competitive.

    If you feel that any of the above is not you, or that you have not struggled with any sort of self image, self confidence or esteem issues in the last few years, then you have conquered your challenge. Thus if you have, you don't really have anything holding you back except yourself.

    The challenges are what we "perceive" to be holding us back from receiving and taking advantage of the "opportunities" that are presented to us during our long range cycles.

    I am aware of the diamond chart, I just never took the time to study it quite in depth. There are many facets to numerology, and no one is well versed in every one.

    I do mainly like to study cycles, transits, and letters. This is where I feel is my strong point is.

    If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Wow Marky!!!!

    I am blown away by your insight!

    So much so that I am brought to tears because I want SO BADLY to succeed at this challenge as I have perceived that "it" has been brewing over me for quite sometime (although not aware of numerology most of these last few years so didnt really "know" what was "happening" to me:( ) But you have nailed the description of how I have been feeling/struggling through internally for the last several years but vacillating through and through. I want so much to get it right because I know that the Universe has/is called/calling me to something 'great'! Feel I have so much to share/give in the way of inspiration/motivation that I can't sit still or think straight a lot of the time. I can say that I do recall a point in time where it seemed that I had lost a great deal of confidence/esteem; things I never consciously struggled with before; but am trying to desperately regain it; although it is camouflaged very well from others πŸ™‚

    I have felt so 'scattered' for a past two-three years. Struggling with knowing/trusting the "voice" of my intuition, but "know" that "something" is hearkening unto me to "do" something. I am being "forced" at this stage of my life to become independent but have been fighting to face it; denying it truly has come to this, this way (ensuing divorce 😞 ) Not really sure how it came about or why, but know that the last several years that there was something deep down inside that was saying "move on", but detachment is difficult for my nature and always have been. Becomes "easier" to do so however when you are "forced" because you find that you are the only one "holding" on and the only one that you can take "charge/responsibility" for 😞 The "other heart" has grown so cold/detached and literally unrecognizable, sad to say, but I have wondered if the Universe caused/allowed this phenomenon to "force" me into the learning/lesson to be overcome???? As odd as that may sound, I truly wonder about this?

    What do you mean when you state:

    "The challenges are what we "perceive" to be holding us back from receiving and taking advantage of the "opportunities" that are presented to us during our long range cycles. " How can I counter-act this Marky??

    Please elaborate, if you can?

    And further would you advise what you see/perceive for me in the way of "cycles & transits"?

    My cycles are said to be: 11, 8 & 1 (respectively)

    My transits are said to be: H, I & I (P, M & S transits respectively)

    I was given a CornerStone of C (first initial of first name; if that helps with anything:))

    I know I've asked a lot of concentrated insight/information, but like I said before Marky your energy I have grateful to receive.

    Love and Light surround you! Thanks again!

  • Hey MArky,

    Another quick question please? What "numbers" around me, if any, in my life, would be counter-productive to be in association with for my "success" at overcoming my challenges? My Life Path is an 11, I believe:)

    Thanks again!!


  • Hi TT,

    " The challenges are what we "perceive" to be holding us back from receiving and taking advantage of the "opportunities" that are presented to us during our long range cycles. "

    This means that everything that happens to us, whether it be bad, good, or in-between can be linked to our "perception." Our perception of the situation determines if it is bad/good, thus if we perceive the situation to be negative, we lose the "opportunities" that are presented to us. If we perceive it to be positive, we are more likely to take advantage of the opportunity.

    Sometimes difficult to admit and swallow for some, we as humans at times "block" our own good from coming, and we cannot receive it, see it, or fathom it.

    Example: A woman in a battered relationship has low self esteem, and feels hopeless. She asks for things to improve, for a better relationship, for love to enter her life. She meets another man, sweet as apple pie, things the world of her, and would like to give her the world. However, she backs off, feelings of insecurity take her over. This sort of relationship does not fit what she normally has. She can't handle this because she doesn't feel "worthy" enough for this "opportunity" so she throws the potential relationship that she "asked the universe for" out the door. Woman goes back to dating the same kind of man, abusive, mean, etc.. Thus the cycle continues.

    This is an example of one's perception of the situation, blocking her opportunity, or the goodness from coming to her. She is deflecting the blessings that she asked for, and doesn't even know it.

    This is her pathology, and unfortunately the pathology of many.

    Yes your 3 major life cycles are 11/2, 8, and 19/1. These are major themes in your life and overlap your pinnacles, which everyone has 4 of them. As our pinnacles change so do our challenges.

    With an 11/2 life cycle one must learn to deal with overlapping situations, sudden separations, partnerships, and love. One is constantly tested for their fairness, genuineness, and kind hearted like nature.

    With an 8 life cycle one must learn to manage, juggle, and deal with finances. Good judgment really is important during this period. The potential for financial gain is great, but so is loss. It's not uncommon for those who make bad choices to encounter bankruptcy, or difficult times. Conversely, one could elevate their status and be in charge of big business, and have incredible materialistic motives. Along with finances comes with dealing to deal with family, responsibilities, and children.

    During a 19/1 life cycle one must learn to be incredibly self sustaining, and independent. New doors and a new way of life will begin to open up. This number 19 is commonly referred to the Prince of Heaven, and will bring wealth, love, family and all the blessings of life. That is IF, one learns to be honest with themselves, is a leader rather than a follower, and understands and listen to their higher power and self.

    I prefer to do your transits/essence cycles myself as I know some numerologists have their own way of calculating it.

    If you would like you can provide me with your "full birth name" and I can calculate it. If not, then you can always try and search for my website, and contact me through there.

    You are a life number 29/11 to be exact. Usually those that have this number find that they can have long friendships or relationships and then all of a sudden it comes to halt, or it will end. Issues with love and matters of the heart sometimes plague this life number.

    Since I don't know your destiny number, and soul number I can't really give you a list of numbers that will hinder you, or help you.

    However, based on your birthday information, you are most compatible with the number 2, 4, 8. You will find that these numbers will work for you, rather than against you. 6 is a universal friend, and helps you too, it understands where the 11 life number comes from in terms of partnerships.

    Lastly, you ask how you can counter act your challenges? You need to get "naked" no not literally, but get naked, be honest with yourself. Understand your short comings, and start to change your pathology, change your way of thinking.

    Since your challenge is a 1, you may want to take more leadership roles, they can be small, but start out taking on more responsibility.

    Look within yourself and see that you are great, you are a leader, and you have a "voice." Be willing to listen to your voice, and be willing to use your voice. Remain true to yourself and your beliefs.

    Self confidence and acquiring self worth doesn't always come quickly, its a process, but if you work on yourself daily, and are ready to "live" your "truth" then it will come.

    Daily affirmations help. "I am guided by the positive forces of eternity." "I hear with my own ears and not through the ears of others." "I see with my own eyes not through the eyes of others." " I believe in me." "I have great self esteem."

    These are just some that may help you.

    I'm in the process of writing a book that will be addressing many of the issues that you face, along with many others, and how to step out of it, and shine. Hoping to help many others.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Oh my goodness Marky!!

    I have not snotted and cried my eyes out so hard in months!!! It is as if you have looked into a crystal ball and read the depths of my soul! I wish that I could know you personally; if I could come over to your house I would give you the biggest hug and kiss, lol!!! I am so so very grateful for my encounters with you on this matter. You have truly been sent this night by the Universe for my Highest Good without question!! πŸ™‚

    You have or may not have been able to determine by now that we "met" initially by way of your email address given here when you first visited this site; I got it before it was 'removed', lol. You performed a Compatibility Reading for me; I am the "Womick" file so my full birth name is contained therein, provided you still have that? πŸ™‚

    You are soooo right about "sudden" events; it blows my mind and keeps me off balance a great deal of the time; I wish that that was not a part of my reality, but I guess it is for my Highest Good for some purpose; although the logic does escape me, at times πŸ™‚ I have never been so enlightened in all of my life, and for you I am grateful Marky. You have provided so much blessing to so many here on this site! I honestly could not get through your analysis with a dry eye for more than 4-5 seconds, lol!!! They say when the 'student' is ready, the teacher will 'appear'! Well I AM READY!! And I have been beginning at about the past 24-36 months which is when the most sudden and devastating changes began to occur in my life; and then another abrupt loss just 14 mths ago as I mentioned above. As painful and discombobulating as it has been, it has had a 'blessing' in disguise in that it has positioned me to be isolated, to some extent, where the greatest self discovery of my life has been able to occur and unravel; before it truly was discernable however, I'd given myself this 'user name' of "TheTransformed" and since then it seems that though the Universe decided to cause me to "live" that description because I completely feel like i am being made anew; at times it is painful, exhausting, frightening, rejected and hard to fathom and at other times it is exciting, exhilarating, enlightening and welcomed, lol!

    For the first time in my life since all of this I truly understand what "Create a Great Day" means! I was totally blind to it before; once the "light" has been shown it is near impossible to "return" to the "darkness" so I am committed to remaining 'true' to myself, no matter the cost. I have encountered the most authentic and unconditional love in my life that as you may recall, came "back around" after so many years into my life this 2nd time. I am going very slow with that, but it too was 'sudden' and unexpected although in response to deep yearnings, soulful longings for it (genuine "sweet as apple pie" love; truly desirous of giving me the world!!); hard to believe; seemingly a dream come true. He is a LP of 7, but feels PERFECT for me; we have a foundation that goes way way back that I believe is the true "glue" in addition to many other attributes. I had struggled, on and off, with psychological episodes of seemingly "self-sabotage", but have succeeded in overcoming that at this juncture; I am 'worthy'!. My experience of 'abuse' was not physical but mental/emotional.

    I am so "hungry" for the adventure of love and service Marky! I feel so un-conventional in my goals/desires til sometimes if makes me think that I am too idealistic and in dreamland 😞 But it burns inside of me to be free to do my own thing my way; to travel and touch the hearts/lives of people while being authentic/honest and true to myself as well, like you mention. The "drive" is so strong inside of me at times that I get exhausted. I'm trying to learn/improve at imagining/visualizing my life/desires. The 'conventional' nine to five is seemingly 'draining' the "life" out of me!! Some days I feel like I'm going insane from it!!

    By the way my numbers are as follows (although not sure if you'd calculate something diff given my full name info as mentioned above).

    Destiny/Expression: 15/6

    Soul Urge/Heart's Desire: 23/5

    Personality: 10/1

    A thousand times over I want to THANK YOU for the Affirmations, I will begin to use them IMMEDIATELY Marky! I too am very very anxious to get a copy of your book; PLEASE KEEP ME POSTED WHEN THAT BECOMES AVAILABLE!! I would like my own as well as additional to share with others πŸ™‚

    Look forward to hearing back! As always, and with the utmost passion, I pray that Love, Light and Abundance surround you always!!


  • TT,

    There is no higher compliment to be paid than thanking someone. In return I would like to pay it forward back and tell you thank you. πŸ™‚

    Sometimes it still amazes me how numbers tell a story about someone, and how it can deeply touch them as well.

    Your numbers are your guiding light, and they can help you navigate through the bad and the good. The Universe is always speaking to you, be sure that you are always listening.

    Now I understand your screen name. Nothing makes me happier than to see that you are willing to make those huge strides in life, and go for your GOLD. You are meant for "greatness", and you should do all you can to claim it.

    With a destiny number of 6 this makes numeric sense as this signifies the "path" you must walk. Your path in life must be service oriented toward the people in your life, personally and professionally. It also signifies responsibility, the nurturer, family,marriage, and yes LOVE. So all those things are extremely important to you. It also says that if you are open to it, then people sometimes mysteriously will appear to help you out in times of need. Thus from there, it could lead to more lucrative opportunities. While the 6 is service oriented it does caution us against martyrdom. In the end the 6 just wants to be appreciated and loved, and if you are doing activities that coincide with your destiny, you certainly will be.

    With a Soul number of 23/5 this again makes numeric sense, as you said you don't like the typical 9-5 job. You want to be "FREE" to do your thing. This is a balancing act and it will forever will be. Because you have the 6 in your name which is more than often "responsible" and has the burden at times of carrying the "weight" of others on its shoulders. However, this is your soul number, your heart of hearts, it is what needs to be done to satisfy it. To be free, travel and meet people (5), help them out (6), is your way of satisfying both of these numbers. The 23 is one of the most powerful numbers in all of numerology, it signifies protection and abundance, thus assuming the native is willing to adhere to its vibrational requirements. Non the less, you have the capacity within you to make it happen.

    I don't focus on the personality number as I feel that it isn't as important as the other numbers in your chart. Your day of birth actually has more information than your personality number.

    Ex: my personality number is a 22/4. Which means that I have more of a business/serious attitude and that I normally am "conservative" in my way of dressing (business attire). This doesn't really resonate with who I am. Business like yes, conservative no way. LoL.

    I will definitely let you know about the book, thank you for taking an interest, I do appreciate it. πŸ™‚

    Keep to your commitment that you are making to yourself, practice your affirmations, and keep listening to the Universe. You will have great days, and other not so great days, but never give up. Always believe in yourself, and persevere through it all. You will succeed, I have no doubt in my mind.

    Remember before every rainbow comes a storm, whether that storm, and you'll get to your "pot of gold."

    Create A Great Day!


  • Marky, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, in the Highest degree!

    I Bless you Marky with Pure Light and Love! I Bless you Marky with Purified Source Energy!!

    You have admonished me sincerely and well and I am without hesitation in agreement to all that you have esteemed!

    Eternal Gratitude for you,


    p.s. I am sincere about the book in progress, please be certain to notify me when it is available:) You did not mention above, but hopefully you do remember me and do still have my email address on your files?? Wishing you abundant success with this endeavor πŸ™‚

  • @TT, its so nice to read your gratitude for Marky and use it for your growth. I SEE SO MANY THREADS ON TAROT THAT HAVE NO THANK YOU"S OR EVEN A PLEASE! sorry for my caps lol.

    I also love that saying " When the student is ready the teacher appears," though I have seen others with valuable incites from the gifted readers, or empaths...etc. on tarot. Sometimes its not what the seeker wants to hear, i guess they are not ready for some truth:) OR THEY WILL KEEP ASKING THE SAME QUESTIONS OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITHOUT EVEN LISTENING TO THE WORDS that have been given to them, that takes allot of energy from SPIRIT as in Marky's case the studying it requires along with his gifts.

    Marky, i just wanted to say thank you again for all that you do and who you are!




  • TT,

    Once again your compliments have touched me, for that I am eternally thankful.

    I did look at my files and I do have your email πŸ™‚ So not to worry, you will definitely be one of the first on my list to notify when the book is complete. Thank you so much for you interest.

    If you need anything else, don't hesitate.

    Create A Great Day!


  • MyJourney!

    Thank You Thank You Thank You!

    You always have such kind and uplifting words, you are such a blessing.

    Folks on this board also benefit from your beautiful spirit.

    I know I have.

    Create A Great Day!


  • MYJOURNEY "Sheila",

    Thank you so much for your acknowledgment, that means a lot πŸ™‚ It is the only APPROPRIATE thing to do, as far as I am concerned, to give gratitude and thanks to someone when they have touched your heart/mind in any way constructive; especially as powerful a way as Marky has. He is truly a gift to this "body" of spirits "here". I have cried every time I've gotten his words/interpretations and am now crying again as I read yours, lol! I am just so "full" as of late, with the overwhelming love and presence of the Divine Spirit of the Universe.

    It is a blessing to have the Spirit of the Most High God speak/reveal his "voice/direction" to us through the gifts of others, such as yourself and Marky. It is my greatest desire to be used in this way as well!

    Anyway I can get long-winded at times, lol! Just wanted to say 'Thank you' for your kind words and taking the time out to express them to me. I couldn't agree more with what you have said either about the "practices" of many here when so much good has been "deposited" into them by the loving souls sent here to 'help'. And yes, many do search and search and ignore and search some more out of discontent for the 'answer' that's already been given, but like I firmly believe, when the "student" is truly ready, the Universe will send the "teacher" and they will be "heard" by the 'Student" πŸ™‚ Marky has been one of my "teachers" and I am soooo soooo ready to "hear", to "learn" and to "grow", lol!!

    I'm trying to learn to truly "center" myself daily; I hear about "guides" and "angels" but not sure I've ever really connected with one, but am interested to learn. I also noticed that there is some "S.O.U.L." group thingy that takes place here weekly and have been wondering what that is all about and if it will help me grow Higher in my Consciousness?

    Love and Light surround you always Sheila!


  • Hi again TT, heres the latest thread on the soul circle...I have been on a mini break for a while. I needed to work on a few things mysef. But just join in, ibeleive can help you with the time zones and questions... I'm in Vancouver Canada and my meet up time in the circle is 7am... seahorse can also help with any questons along with greystar,paddi,lotus princess aka bee:) theres more but need a few more coffee's lol anyone can just join in

    Todays experiences below.

    love and light

    Namaste TT


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