Gut feelings

  • My situation is so long and drawn out I could not begin to describe the whole thing in such a way that someone could grasp the whole thing! There are so many many variables. I have studied the I ching for years and usethe oracle along with prayer and intuition to find the correct path "for that day" Sometimes, when one reads a particular persons situation, just by some psychic connection they are able to tap into it and give their "gut feelings" on a given situation without the particulars. I am called perserverance"perseverance" for a reason. I have been perservering for eight years, learning and growing in the process and wonder if the situation was there just to teach me strength and patience or if there will truly be a happy ending. The IChing suggests it would be a shame to give up on this now. Any gut feelings "intuitive feelings" out there you would like to share! I would love your input. Every connection is on purpose, meant for me to see and draw on. Thank you so much......................P

  • Hi sweetie, looks like your angels are asking you to give them your cares and worries. Allow them to take your burdens. I'd also like to say that it appears to me as tho there is an element of your focus that needs to shift a bit. Are you plodding along with the day to day? Where is the pursuit of your dreams? You consult the I Ching and you pray, and that's wonderful. I get the sense , tho, that much of what you're doing has to do with things that are not heart centered. All I'm saying is, we go in the direction of our focus. Clear some grief, burden, sadness out of your heart - make room for the miraculous! You are also being informed (by Archangel Sandalphon) that your prayers are being answered. Have faith. Remember that sometimes humans confuse the meaning of faith; they believe it means G-d is simply giving them what they want. True faith is about believing you can have what you truly need; following it up with action, patience, and focus. And knowing that you have all the help you need at your disposal. So, have faith in your dreams.

    Blessings, Ahliyah

    : )

  • I'm glad that God is in the picture, too. I do the same thing. I consult the I-Ching and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit. I feel I get accurate readings. But what it has to say is good also. I know sometimes we need answers and sometimes we feel like we are imposing on others by laying stuff on them. Have faith and deal w/stuff in a positive way. When I hear of bad things happening, I can only relate to what I would do. People are different. Having confidence in your decision making is important. If you are suffering and waiting for a good outcome, in patience and love, asking for God's assistance, you are receiving merit. You may not receive it in this life, but there will be endless joys in heaven.

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