Captain, is my BF a perv with my niece? Pls help

  • Hello Captain,

    A few days ago my niece and I went to my BF house. on our way out to go home I turned around to tell my niece something and my BF was behind her looking at her "assets" he looked at me with this omg she caught me scared look. I didn't want to make my niece unconfertable by bringing that up at the moment. Days have gone by and we haven't mention anything about it, but I feel like I can't let that slide. My niece hangs out with me a lot and likes to go over to his place to swim and wants him to teach her to surf and all sorts.

    Anyhow, can you pls tell me what vibes you get from him (Ryan). Any advice on how i should confront him about this?

    I thank you a head of time Captain,


  • Yes he does find your niece very attractive. This is a dangerous situation if she is around him too often. You must keep her away from him.

  • Okay thank you Captain

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