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    I am proud of you! I know how hard it is to long for someone and it sucks to feel like even though you've done the right thing, it still hurts, which makes you questions whether you did the right thing.

    I'm hear to tell you that you did the right thing and the longer you go without seeing him the easier it will become. That is, as long as you try to move on by staying busy, and that may involve looking for some new things to occupy your mind/time.

    What amazes me most about you women is how much different you are when it comes to attraction. Men are just so much more visual then women. Thank God women aren't as visual as men because most men are not that physically attractive lol. A women can become more attractive to a man if she is super cool, but this is typically a secondary thing. Without a strong physical attraction to a women, most men will loose interest quickly. Where with women, it seems to be the opposite.

    Tell me if I'm wrong ladies.

    Would you be more turned on by a below average looking guy who is, outgoing, confident, and funny, or by an above average looking guy who is quite, not very funny, and has low self esteem? There are those rare freaks of nature who posses brains, beauty, and a great personality, but they are like I said, freaks of nature.

    I am about to give you 100% pure honesty and I hope it doesn't offend any of you. And if it does, too bad 🙂

    I am more attracted to women who have an average face, a curvy figure (along the lines of a female athletes body), and a good personality, than I am women who have cookie cutter model like faces, no curves, and a boring personality. Notice that I am mentioning physical before mental. This is how most men seem to be wired, but their are always exceptions.

    A women can have the best personality in the world! But most men will not pursue her unless they are physically attracted to her first, and this obviously varies from man to man. Some like big women, some like small, some like tall, some like short, some like butts, and some like b-o-o-bs. I am typically not attracted to tall women because tall women tend to be all b-o-o-bs and no butt. There are definitely exceptions to this, but it is my general consensus. I am also not attracted to women under 5.5 because I am 6ft and I don't want to feel like I need to put someone on a step stool to kiss them lol. I'm also not picky about hair color or style as long as it works for their facial features. Some women look amazing with short hair and others with long. It seems like most women can't pull off looking good with both short and long hair. They usually look much better with one or the other. In the personality department, I like a women with a little innocence, confidence, intelligence, wisdom, and a nice smile never hurts! Oh wait, that last one was a physical thing wasn't it lol.



  • I have no idea why the word "v-i-s-u-a-l" is blocked in the above post!!!

  • What the heck is going on!!!!!! I hope you can fill in the blank and figure the word out because it appears that the letter "V" is now a bad word!!

  • I'm sorry for taking this thread off topic but one more thing I want to point out that is sad to me is the amount of women and men who look for lovers that are 100% opposite their own physical appearance. I have seen countless larger men and women remain single because they refuse to settle for someone their own size. Or, they will date someone who treats them like a doormat because they feel inferior to their lover. It seems like the person who is more "culturally attractive" almost always has the upper hand and often takes advantage of the person less culturally attractive. This is sad to me. I can't say what it's like to be a large man because I am not but I would hope that I would eventually accept that I am a large man and shoot for women in my size range. Again, I can't say for sure that I would, but I would hope that if I really wanted an average to thin size women that I would be smart enough to realize that it would likely take me loosing some weight to get her. But again, this is me thinking like a man. Would you women go for a large man if he was intelligent, funny, and confident?

  • Hey Cancerman!! are you still there??

  • Is the word you were trying to post v i s u a l??

  • omg , guess it was , weird that I cant type that!!!!!

  • Hey I just happen to be one of those freaks of nature .lol

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