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  • Magickal- Do you mind elaborating on the Taurus/Cancer relationship ? I actually think the combination has soulmate potential , they say my best matches are Virgo and Capricorn , and Cancers are Pisces, and Scorpio,, but honestly I think too much of the same thing is boring , I like a little conflict , I get along very well with other earth signs , but I couldnt see myself with someone just like me , I need a challenge . What Cancer brings to the relationship is the perfect blend are needs are very similar , but also that something "different" that I cant put into words that keeps us on our toes. 🙂

  • Taurus7- I like this new thread!! lol

  • Dear Earthangel2

    Just remember there are always exceptions. We cannot base everything on astrology

    its only you that knows if it works for you. Knowing about the signs and

    having experience helps too.

    It seems like you know your astrology sign.I will make it short cause I dont want to explain stuff

    plus there are other factors to consider. I will just give you a few.

    If you want challenge Gemini woman is good for you. Leo woman is another one.

    You are compatible with a cancerwoman but like what you said its boring to have the same kind. Thats probably why I have seen Taurus/Cancer relationship ends. It takes awhile to end though and you will be the one to end it. Of course if you are meant to be together you will

    be together no matter what.

    Capricorn woman is another good love match because you will help each other


    Many blessings to you

  • Magickal- What is your sign?

  • Dear Cancerman276

    I forgot to mention this. I should have said this earlier.

    I'd like to say that cancer man & taurus woman astrologywise is supposed to be compatible but

    due to the experiences of the people I know it didnt match.

    If you are patient this taurus woman relationship might work . Everything comes down to patient and understanding in relationships.

  • Dear earthangel2

    You know your astrology and you have read my comments. What do you think my sign is?

  • Well you really didnt specify , Im hoping your a Cancer so you can help me . I need some advice ?

  • I must have missed it somewhere, give me a sec to go back and re-read the post, I see you want to make to work. 🙂

  • Ok , Got it!! Your definitely a Cancer !lol

  • Dear earthangel2

    See you know your astrology you are pretty good. Although I'm a cancer I have overcome

    the sensitivity and emotional issues of this sign. Its so terrible but if a cancer woman

    understands this sensitivity and emotional issues and trys to correct it it will be a blessing.

    They are good partners.

    They are for life. Of course there are exceptions again. I try to see all the angles.

    Otherwise if not, people sees them as naggers. I'm in a good place now

    and I can honestly say I'm happily married and thank the Lord I carefully choose my husband.

    Just try to understand peoples differences. If they have good qualities go for it. Nothing is perfect in this world.

  • You Cancers are beautiful !! I mean it , I am truly speaking from the heart .

  • Dearearthangel2

    By the way I'm on the last day of july so I have a leo in me thats probably why I was able

    to overcome the issues I mentioned.

    You are pretty good just use your instincts that helps out a lot too.

    I will be signing off now and I wish you GREAT BLESSINGS!

    Nice talking to you.

  • I'm with a cancer man and it does seem to be like a good combination. We do both seem to

    know what eachother is thinking before we say anything. with just the looks we read from eachother. we've been together for only 5mnths but it seems to be good so far. i'm a pisces !

  • Dearest Magikal - I think you are dead on the money - patience IS the key. Not only with one another, but with ourselves. One thing about J and I, is, we know ourselves very well. Even though he does not like to communicate in depth, what little he does say, has great meaning and value, even if it is simple. Plus, his actions speak volumes.

    Unless I missed something along the way, my cancer would prefer less words, BC I think his experience has been that anyone can say words, but do your actions match your words. For pretty much 6 days a week for over a year now, I have made his lunch. I enjoy it tremendously, he still says thank you everyday. 🙂

    The neat thing about it has been that, even though it is something so small, we have gotten to know each other so well bc of it. He knows, he can depend on me, he knows that I like to take care of him. I know he does not take me for granted and he trusts me. If I make something he doesn't like, I want him to tell me, he does(but hesitantly......... it took me awhile to get him to understand that my feelings would NOT be hurt if he didn't like something, just tell me, bc it was his lunch and I wanted him to enjoy it!! lol)

    I honestly think that is how I started learning about his sensitivity and vulnerability. For some strange reason, he NEEDS me to make his lunch. I think it shows him everyday that I care. That one of the 1st things on my mind is him. That matters more to him than anything. That also shows me that he has been hurt, that he has never been loved the way I love him and I also think that it scares him at the mere thought of myself or my love going away.

    Oh the depth of a sandwich!! But again, it has been an amazing and enjoyable discovery!

    Yesterday and today he did not see his sandwich right away and he had a small panic attack......but, like always the sandwich ( aka me) was there.

  • Taurus7-That is soo sweet , relish every second of it , you deserve it!!!!! I would even mix it up a little , have him get involved in making you breakfast 🙂 I know my cancer friend loved when I did special things for him ,but even more I sensed he LOVED when I NEEDED him , more than anything , I felt that his real pleasure came when I needed him , if that makes any sense. This is only coming from the vibe he gave , but I "sensed" that I intimidated him a little with my "independent, do-it-myself-attitude" it played into his inferiority complex. So I consciously made it an effort to allow him to do things for me, and oh boy, he would do a 360 and be like Tom Cruise on the Oprah Winfrey jumping over couches blurting out I love you , so brave.... but rarely did that side come out.

  • I think you are right Earthy.

    When I need J, he feels great. I think that goes back to the insecurities they feel. Or at least for him. Which, goes back to the sensitivity. I have never dated a man so sensitive yet so masculine at the same time.

  • The joy of being in a relationship with a Cancer is, not only do you receive heavy Cancerean influences - you also get heavy influences of their Moon sign. A Cancer with an Aquarius Moon (like myself) is going to be much less moody and hyper sensitive than a Cancer with a Pisces Moon. The emotions will always be there - regardless of the Moon sign. However, the Moon sign will dictate how they process and express their emotions.

    Then, you also have to factor in the House that the Cancer Sun is in. Mine is in the 11th House, giving me an Aquarian aspect to my Cancer Sun. I don't know what this Cancer's chart looks like since I don't have the date, location and time of birth, but if you really want to understand your Cancer better, I would recommend acquiring those pieces of information if you haven't already.

    Also, it may not be a bad idea to take a look at your chart next to his chart. Synastry is very powerful and really helps shed light on the promising aspects of your relationship and the potential difficulties.

    Peace and Love, CALLTV

  • Cancerman , where are you????

  • I'm hear! How is everyone? Sorry I haven't been on here lately. I've been busy, but I also may be avoiding this forum to keep my ex out of my mind. I have been doing good with that the past few days. The baby thing messed me up for about a week, but I am getting back to reality again. I keep having to remind myself that things are the way they were meant to be. life will go on and the sting will eventually die like is has before. The heart is a ridiculously slow healer.

    How are you earthangel2 and Taurus7?

  • Cancerman , Glad to hear from you -yeah I figured you were purposely avoiding this forum, I dont blame you , sometimes I do the same . Well lately I have been thinking of my cancer friend of course I know I did the "right" thing , but my heart still wants to tell me otherwise. He definitely doesnt come around any longer, has been like that for the past couple months . I feel as though he resents me for not reaching out to him , at least to see if he is ok . But I keep talking myself out of calling him . I know it wont change anything , what good will it do me?

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