Cancer sensitivity.......

  • Can we talk about this? lol My cancer is starting to reveal his and well.........should I say more?

  • Is this in a bad way or a good way???? 🙂

  • It is true we are very sensitive in both a good and bad way. We tend to over think everything and sometimes is causes issues. In my experience with Taureans, they seem to have an unwavering view of things they deem appropriate and inappropriate and this can be very different from what a Cancer deems appropriate and inappropriate behavior. My brother and my ex have very different views than I on many issues and it makes me obsess and worry because I know there is no changing the mind of a Taurus. I suppose this is true of all signs but I think Taureans are the most stubborn minded people I have met, and on top of that, I find them to be unsensitive in areas that Cancer's are sensitive. I don't think this is something they do on purpose but naturally Cancer's and Taureans seem to be on different planets about many issues.

    Crabs don't easily let go of anything, especially things that upset or hurt them. Taureans on the other hand, seem to have an incredible ability to let go of anything at any time and not think about it ever again. So yes we are sensitive about everything, the good and the bad. It is something we Cancer's need to work on. It's always easier to hid in our shell when things get rough, and we often do this because if we don't, we may fly off the handle and say something we will seriously regret, or sink into a deep depression. One thing I think we all need to do is listen to each other and try to put ourselves in each others shoes. This seems to be hard for the Taureans I know to do, but maybe I just haven't met the right Taureans. I feel like the Taurean's mind is made up instantly and they therefore feel there is no need for a discussion because nothing would come of it anyway.

    Cancers can be whiny, wimpy, babies at times and Taureans can be stubborn and cold at times. That has been my experience at least. The more I think about the Taurus / Cancer relationship the more I think it may not be the great match people claim it is. I'm starting to think Cancer's may be best paired with other water signs but I can't say because I don't believe I have every dated one.

  • Sorry if that rant sounded like a Taurean hate speech lol! I'm just a little bitter right now. It will pass 🙂

  • "I'm starting to think Cancer's may be best paired with other water signs but I can't say because I don't believe I have every dated one"

    The thing about two water signs that is sweet is that you can actually feel the other person's emotions, at least I do. Sometimes words aren't needed. With my Piscean husband, he knows how I feel most times. It is uncanny. With my old Cancer friend, he could as well. The thing about me and Cancer is that my emotions were the most deepest than with any other person. He had such power over my joy and sorrow. The intensitiy of the feelings within me sometimes became too much to bear. With my husband it has never been that intense. ( Ironic since we are both intense people.)

    My old Cancer friend could finish my sentences. (via IM chat which is crazy since you don't have visual physical cues...) I loved that. Water water everywhere and I swim happily in it. So maybe you should try it.. 🙂 you never know.

  • Cancerman , So answer me this , truthfully, do you really want a woman who will agree with everything you say or believe all the time ??? Sometimes you need to hear the word "NO". Im sorry Cancerman , but from what I know from my cancer relationship is that you are also very very stubborn and thats where we are very similar, when we dig our heels in and you retreat , we both lose , none of us are keen on making the first move to amend things.

  • Sorry Taurus7 , I know this thread is on Cancer sensitivity , I just had to mention that they are also very stubborn, that trait of theres seems to get overlooked because we are so focused on their

    So tell me more about what you are discovering......This sounds juicy 😉

  • This is a good thing!! I am just trying to gain some deeper understanding in how cancers view and process their own sensitivity. I know hiding is one way. I know not discussing it is another. Yet, I know it is heavy on their minds regardless of their actions.

    I know J and I are both stubborn, him, more so than me. I am not nearly as stubborn as I was in my youth, teens and 20's and to about early 30's. It was like I woke up one day and was like..This is NUTS!! lol

    However, I do think that I hurt J's feelings w/o meaning too, but he refuses to tell me. I just see it and feel it. I give him his space and his feelings get hurt, BC he thinks I don't want to talk to him. Not true.

    See where I am going with this??

  • Then, he will be super vulnerable. Like, when I got back from vacation( oh and when we were talking and I was still on vaycay, he told me how much he missed me that was a 1st) And, when I got back, he said it again, he kept kissing me over and kidding, like 5 days later, I was wondering if he still noticed I was on the same planet.......oy vey!! lol

    But, I was wondering if I did not respond how he would have liked me too, but then I concluded, OH Well buddy, I am who I am and there ya go!

    Does that make sense?

  • Ok, I will admit something really terrible... I found his sensitivity very amusing , it seriously entertained me!! Just to give you an example , he would pout over something so petty like whenever there was a large group of us and I would high-five one of his friends and then he would start huffing and throwing his arms up and rolling his eyes like he is so disappointed in me , I loved it !!! In that aspect when it comes to control , I knew I had the upper hand, so I never gave into his infantile behavior, I know exactly what he wanted me to do .lol

  • I think Cancer's can definitely be as stuck in their ways as any stubborn Taurus, that is for sure.

    I also think that not talking about issues is a problem for all signs and depends on the person and how they deal with issues. I can't stand to not talk about issues and I don't understand why other cancers seem to dislike it so much. It is much more frustrating for me to go on obsessing about something than it is for me to get it out in the open and talk about it so it can hopefully be resolved quickly. It may be a Cancer trait but I don't get it.

    "Cancerman , So answer me this , truthfully, do you really want a woman who will agree with everything you say or believe all the time ??? Sometimes you need to hear the word "NO". Im sorry Cancerman , but from what I know from my cancer relationship is that you are also very very stubborn and thats where we are very similar, when we dig our heels in and you retreat , we both lose , none of us are keen on making the first move to amend things."

    I have thought about this and I agree with you. I do not want a copy of me that's for sure. One of me is plenty enough emotion for any relationship lol. The only thing I truly want is someone who is dedicated enough to work things through and forgive. I at least want someone who respects me enough, or at least has the balls, to tell me when I hurt them or annoy them. I am not perfect and neither is anyone else therefor we all make mistakes that need talked about and forgiveness needs to take place for any relationship to remain healthy. I am so tired of people bottling up their feelings until someone else comes along to make them feel the way they want to feel, which is simply the unrealistic feeling we get when we first meet someone we are attracted to. No relationship can work if issues are not brought into the light.

  • Dear cancerman276

    In short Cancer & Taurus are not a good match. Taurus will cause it to split up eventually.

  • I am a cancer yet born in the year of the pig which is equivalent to Scorpio. My rising is Leo and my Chinese rising is the snake equivalent to a Taurus. There are so many factors as to why we act the way we do. I am sensitive like a cancer where I feel every emotion around around me yet I hold my self high and proud like a Leo but I do have the sting of a Scorpio and the temper of the pig. My rising in the sign of snake makes me slower to react yet when I choose to react it is done with class and wisdom and I get right to the heart of the matter. All cancers act differently because of their Chinese sign and rising sign.

  • Dear GemSnake6

    I know theres a lot lot of factors to consider but generally speaking & have seen it quite a bit

    cancer/taurus dont match. Cancer will be hurt.

  • Magickal hi!

    Would you care to elaborate on your observations of the Taurus/Cancer relationship? Have any stories?



  • Magikal, but don't Cancers always allow themselves to get hurt? BC if they allow someone else to hurt them, vs them hurting someone, that seems to work out better emotionally for them.

  • Not entirely true. One of my best relationships was with a Taurus/horse we were together for over 4 years and today 8 years later we talk on a weekly basis. We are not together because I moved out if state but he is the one person who truly understands me and grounds me. His Taurus humor is as earthy and quirky as mine. I buggy suggest you look more into your Chinese sign since they represent western signs. Examples: rat-Sagittarius, ox-Capricorn tiger:Aquarius, rabbit: Pisces dragon:Aries snake:Taurus horse:Gemini ram/sheep/goat:cancer monkey:leo rooster:Virgo dog:libra pig:Scorpio. Typically Aquarius and cancer are a horrible match yet me and my current love are that pair. He's an Aquarius dig with Scorpio rising and ox rising in Chinese. So his Scorpio rising is perfect with my cancer sun and my Leo rising is great for his Aquarius sun. You people are too narrow-minded and nit educated enough with astrology or numerology to understand all factors

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Taurus7

    You are right! Cancers are just too emotional & sensitive & a lot of signs are not patient &

    understanding enough. But like any other sign if you find some good qualities about them go for it.

    Dear Cancerman276

    Its too complicated to explain it here. It will be a topic of comments. I always try to make it short because like I say theres a lot of factors to consider. Once you meet that person you alone knows if its right for you. A new relationship is hard and needs time. You just know when to say " ENOUGH ".

    I will give 2 suggestions if you want its up to you.

    1.) Start your day by saying this " I relax release any anxious thought & peacefully rest in the

    presence of God. The light of God surrounds us. Praise the Lord. Thank you Lord"

    2.) Carry with you a SODALITE stone. Its a healing stone,release stress, anxiety & correct

    emotional imbalance. When its in your pocket try to hold the stone every now & then

    so it touches your skin.

    Many blessings

  • Dear Gemsnake6

    I have studied american & chinese astrology and I know about them but not too many people are so involved in it and wont pay attention to it so I'm just simply generally speaking.

    There you are again typical cancer who likes to keep on digging and so sensitive.

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