Where do I go and what do I do from here?

  • Good Morn.

    I am 30yr old CAPPY and having a hard time with the job/career path and other. I have an AS graphic design and last year I went back to school after a two year break to work on my BA. The tranfermation was h3ll, thanks to the Fine Arts Director and two predijust teachers. I love graphic design and I want to use my skill in the entertainment feild if it's possible. Buy me not going back to school til next year I know longer have the resources nor money to do waht I love on the side. As for as a job I worked at a ice cream shop/Child Care Tenet/Houes Keeping/ TSA at the air port. I hated them all after while and want to do something that fits me. Throughout my younger years I was in the church chouir,school houir,alway in some type or art program or crafts, play the sax ,,shortly lol, family vactions.

    I need something not dealing with a whole lot of people, drama at once, something I can tolerate and like,as for as a regular job and even voulennteer until I get what I want in a career. Family would tell me, try to choose for me,what jobs I should like because it's someing they like not considering WHO I am. Someone creative who like verity of fun activities, travel,entertainment ..So on. But I have not been my self, motivated due to school, home life, friends and cousin who don't have any veritity of interest . then I have those who never ask me to particitpate in movies ,water park,dinner ECT. Just because Im not working Im not always broke.

    I am DRAINED, unmotivated, very disappointed and at times phychal pain. Something is wrong because I can't pick my self up long enuogh to have to see the big picture. I would love to get more graphics software training before working on my BA,,graduate,have a career, 1good husband and our children ...be happy in FL!

  • If you give me your exact birthdate, I can suggest some career options for you according to your astrological and numerological profiles.

  • Jan. 16, 1981 9:45 AM

  • While you are waiting for Captain's reply, why don't you sit down and make a list of all the things that make you happy, all the things you are good at, all the things you would like to achieve, your dreams. It is so muh easier to see straight when you actually focus on these things instead of just breezing over them in your head.


  • Beleza, it's got to hurt when you try so hard to be caring and nurturing to others and they tell you that you are being too bossy or a bad housekeeper or whatever. You certainly know how to get to the top - and how to stay there - but that doesn't mean you have to close yourself off to warmth and security and live by the 'God-help-anyone-who-gets-in-my-way' rule. You're not like that. You have a totally sweet and loving side whuch unfortunately you don't always get a chance to show. You have some male-female issues about who gets to be on top and they are so deeply ingrained in your genes that you can't just toss them aside and be all trusting and vulnerable. This gender-authority stuff probably goes way back to the time when man's rule was law. The patriarchy has influenced your life and behaviour to this day and it's really hard for you to relinquish your traditional female turf. You're a tough cookie, but then you've had to be. So telling you to relax and hang loose, or sit down and have a cup of tea and a muffin will fall on deaf ears, although that's what you should do - you're wound pretty tight because you're so scared to give up your post for even a minute. There is a big difference between fame and contentment, however. You might want to become a household name, but your life can get really out of whack when you get obsessed with who you are in a desperate diva kind of way. That's exactly when you should relax and allow yourself to be nurtured and cared for by somebody who knows how to look after you properly. You need the warmth and intimacy that a relationship can provide, despite the fact you may stiffen or freeze when someone tries to hug you. You've been conditioned to be cool and polite, but what you really need to balance you out is some old-fashioned screaming out a window or punching a pillow. Your diligence is commendable but you periodically need to be reminded that without someone to love you, hanging onto a glossy image just runs you the risk of becoming a rusty old relic, a statue in a museum that no one visits. Ask yourself if your image of or goal for yourself hasnt become too old, tired, worn-out and in need of an update? Maybe no one but you is worried about your appearance to the world. Don't be so desperate to be self-reliant and considered successful that you get to a point where you push away the very people who could comfort you. Fight your fear of losing control - you can still maintain your reputation and position while also developing more lasting relationships in your business and personal life.


    Beleza, your life mission is to stop caring so much about what others think and to learn the joy of having a strong sense of self. You are here to learn how to face any challenge or problem without backing down. To accomplish this task, you must develop the ability to set your resolve and make a commitment. You are multi-faceted, and on the surface life seems to come easily to you, as if you were born under a lucky star. You are often not aware of how easy certain skills or talents are for you compared to other people. However, you tend to lack resolve and prefer to take the path of least resistance. Moreover, as you often lack the determination to see a job through to the end, the quality of your work may suffer, making it difficult for you to advance in your chosen career. You may pay too much attention to what others think, preventing you from cultivating your own beliefs. Without a more fully developed value system, you may lack a sense of self. Your core lesson is to stand up for what you believe in or for those you love. Your goal is to take up any challenge and not back down, using your gifts of toughness, an action orientation, and skilfulness.

    Still, you were born in the week of determination so you do have a natural talent for commitment and dedication that will serve you well if you use it. You just have to overcome inborn feelings of inferiority and insecurity and take special care that in your search to prove yourself and to please others, you don't fail to develop a clear sense of your own values or to please yourself too. You must cultivate the kind of self-respect that is independent of the opinions of others. You have the ability to acquire great enlightenment and spiritual awakening on your life journey - if you remember to nurture your less conservative, more eccentric side and have some fun, especially as you take on the responsibility of parenthood or some creative endeavour, then you will be able to pride yourself on your loyalty and devotion and all will go very well for you.

    Your need to receive love is nearly insatiable but sometimes you deliberately push it away when it is offered to you. When you use your creativity to make other people happy, you will feel better about yourself. Your presence and depth will pull you to leadership positions. Professions that reward individual creative effort and employ the use of your natural charisma, such as entertainment ( singing, dancing, acting, art, etc.), entrepreneurship, or some other way of being at centre stage that releases your creativity in constructive ways that bring joy to all, are very good for you. Other career options are any activities dealing with children, speculation, games, and sports. Anything that gets you in touch with your fun side - your inner child - will be rewarding and fulfilling for you. Because of an inherent, though not always manifested, love of nature and the outdoors, anything working outside - like being a backwoods guide or ranger - would be excellent. Because you like time alone, you would make an excellent researcher. You would also excel in service or healing-related work. But you may have to overcome subconscious mixed feelings about money and worldly success first. If money is scarce in your life, you might want to examine your positive or negative beliefs about it. Self-trust issues can also hold you back in some areas of work. But you have the ability to earn enough money to cover your needs - and then some.

  • Thank you so much. I will do that!

  • Thank You Captin you mention a lot of things that I was not aware of, knew,and how to go about change.

    I know it's not going to come to gether over night and I have a lot to push trough. For a while I have had Self-trust issues and towards other people.

    There are severl job openings in graphics but I have not applied because I feel that I need refresher coures in graphics and web design software.That's why I strggled in school from Aug 2010- May 2011 and need the cash to do so BEFORE I get hired at a firm or go for my BA so I can be up to speed and not behind. I have been thrown into thing and have crashed each times.

    A lot of times I have ignored the voice in my head wanting to give people a chane when getting to know and not look down on them. I just don't want be hurt again to the piont of being drained menatlly, emotionally, spiritually, and physically... when it comes to the matters of the heart. I can't take much more.

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