• I am thankful to be able to have love in this life

    1. if you could (someone) let me know some prophecy of how my current ralationship is going to go ?

    his birthdate 7-23-1979 mine 2-20-1991 ?

  • You two have a great deal to teach each other. This is a very educational relationship. You can help your partner find out more about himself while he can help you to realize some of your secret dreams. Rediscovering lost or repressed feelings will be a positive effect here - should your partner be unable to feel real emotion, you may help him to break through any frightening psychological blockages he may have. You two may have to go through a period of adjustment with each other at first however. In your day-to-day interactions, you may have to struggle to maintain a balance. Any judgmental, resentful, or didactic attitudes that emerge will have to be dealt with firmly. More tolerance and openness can be achieved by loosening moral assumptions that foster guilt or shame, and by being flexible.

    If you can keep your love affair on an even keel, it can be immensely rewarding. Sensuality is prominent here but the two of you usually recognize that it is your interests to go beyond the purely physical and to emphasize self-realization. Growing and evolving together is quite possible under the aegis of this caring but psychologically ambitious relationship - a love affair may progress quite naturally to marriage, with renewed commitment to understanding and unconditional love. And marriage can evolve even further, becoming a source of inspiration to those around you, so that you teach by example.

  • Thankyou much for that reply it was true it is actually something he told me earlier in our realationship so yea i would say you are correct on this subject. thatnkyou. i hope you have a great night / day it's 12am so thanks again. this site does seem nice thanks for answering needs / wants. talk to you later . !

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