S.O.U.L Circle August 21th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • Yo i'm back (but everyone else isnt lol) so, 5 minutes to go good people let's Light up da Universe !!! I'll join for 10-15 minutes tops as we must take kids to the park, be back here much later. Everyone have a nice experience !

  • Namaste,

    I managed to get up in time this week to join in again but for only about 9 minutes before a mass of thoughts intruded. I could see the ocean again and the sounds of the surf with of course the blue-green color that goes with it. I could also feel a deep connection with the earth and sky so the white light vortex and donation went very smoothly. Apart from that and a large amount of pressure in my hands (tingly fingers as well) that was about it. I could not really get to that alpha state.

    I think all the mundane stuff weighing in on me with renovations and school starting and finishing stuff for the few days left for summer etc. has taken its toll and obliterated my place of peace for the moment and rooted me in the here and now.


  • Hello IBelieve, glad you could join ! I felt an intense tingling at my hands the energy seemed to pulsate there, something like a pendulum going from another hand to the other. Felt tingling also at the back of the neck, back side of shoulders and less intense at feet. Saw a blue-green color too, a garden faucet (i really wonder if it has anything to do with your renovation) a saloon-type door only very delicately ornate like arabic-style decorations or something. After that very complex patterns like the flower of life came to my mind as well as perplexed geometry shapes but only for fractions of seconds, like a cascade of thoughts hurriedly succeeding each other. "Saw" intense Light for a few seconds and then disconnected as children were shouting lol. Overall a good, fulfilling experience.

  • Hey- See horse.and ibelieve.

    I tried to join in, this time. but i am not sure i got, much- just the usual feeling of calmness, and relaxation. and tingling in my hands. See horse, the pendulum, i have one of those. its a rose quartz crystal pendulum i dont use it often though, geometry is very important, apparently if your seeing shapes of those, seehorse, you should try and figure out the meanings. or by a book on geometry.

    Love all. Lotus/Bee xx

  • SH,

    With all the water symbolism, perhaps we are just to "go with the flow" I good with that.

    Hello Bee,

    Nice to speak with you again. Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your summer (or what is left of it) Believe it or not...my pendulum is also a rose quartz. I don't use it much except for making decisions between items. I really want to take it out and find ley lines but my patience for such is too small. Perhaps when I get a bit better at it. I do find that the more I work with it the aster the responce.


  • Hey ibelieve, that's cool- I wont be going back to college next year, I will be looking for jobs.

    and things, to get some money. or something. I haven't been doing much- just learning more, and reading more stuff. and doing different things- will email soon, maybe we can catch up on yahoo at some point. 🙂 that would be good. Patience is good, practice first, and im sure you can do it. goodluck with the pendulum. I hope everyone else had a good experience too,

    Love Bee/Lotus

  • Go with the flow or built an "Ark" lol i don't know why this boat image always come to mind, this time it came right after i disconnected from the Circle, almost as an afterthought. I don't really know if it's the summer and all, but i feel like i'm inside the sea all the time, not swimming but be the water, don't know if that makes any sense at all....and a thought came right now "everything flows.....back to itself" and the symbol of infinity right after that.

    LP, the thing with the shapes i see is they are very complex and seem to constantly change, one flows into another like mandala shapes so i cannot really remember any details. They seem to be in unison with the "flowing" feeling that seems to permeat everything for me.

  • Hi Guys,

    I was there again today, but was trying to clear a lot. I feel like I've been somewhat in a mental fog lately. It felt a little better afterwards. I think although I kept trying to send I may have been one of the ones needing help this time. Last weeks full moon has me in some sort of fog during the changes. I was a transmitter for the first time.

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