At All Times

  • At all times, I want everything.

    At all times, I don’t need everything.

    At all times, something I have is love.

    At all times I have everything b/c I have love.

  • I like this! Very deep , very honest and very thought envoking! It gives the impression that you did a lot of soul searching! It's beautiful!

    You might benefit from doing a little more of that, I am not meaning to be hurtful, I apologise if It appears that I am, but sometimes you do come across.. as your name suggests.. a bit too judgemental! a little more humility or empathy would be nice, admit to yourself you don't know everything and therefore there is always a possibility that you are not the only voice with merit, in fact, depending on how much or little you know.. you could actually be talking a load of .... !

    Most people realize there is always this possibility, you however appear so confident in your own opinions, that this realisation appears not yet to have occurred within you!

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