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  • I met a gentleman around Nov, 7 2010.. At first he seem like a educated, respectful, intelligent young man until his true character began to show. I questioned things he would say and his actions. There were things I did not like and finally walked away when I sent him a text expressing my anger after a week of not talking to him. All this happen around Thanksgiving. I reach out to him through text becase he is know form having people lie for him.

    The text was if it was someone telling me he was not home, but I knew it was a lie. The phone rang I never was him all along(Night Vision). Around the holiday calls and text started coming from different numbers ask "Who dis?" From Dec 2010-April 2011.

    I finally got a 2nd message from on the chatline then before I called called him. we talked for a little bit and he mention that his brother moved in my area and he was moving again the my area and he was me at the library a few days before and didn't say nothing. He then rushed off the phone I was getting up set . text him three days later. So I text ed him, calling him a liar and there's always some excuse. Again he tried to make it seem like it was not him, until I threaten to change my number and that this BS was sign to never look back, again the starts ringing off he hook....I didn't answer.

    Days later June 3 11 , he tried to connect live with me on the chatline, but I by accidentally rejected his request.

    I felt as if he under estimated me,took my knidness for weakness, don't listen,and it's hard for me to talk to him & reach out now. I get soooo angry. All I want is clairty : that long needed conversation and both us be at peace with one-another. I want to sleep at night,stop feeling physicals pains, and get back to the full blown goal oriented Real Me after 8 months! What is it going to take, nothing is working?

  • Nothing is going to work here - you must face the reality of the situation. This guy is no dream lover - more of a nightmare. You don't know what he is like at all. Move on before you get dragged down into a world of lies and trickery.

  • Captin can you please tell me who and what he really is and why, I am curious to know . I've always told him I felt something was not right but never knew what it was.

    I know he was on probation and some type of medication he mention and had been shot up(in the army) ...I think it may have been gang related now that things are comming together. I cant even imagine ......women .

    I do thank you for your advice but I hope I don't have to worry about him causing me trouble cause I changed my number or run into him after what you told me. I just don't want to get some clairity and sleep at night. I have had 3( Aquarius) in my life Dad/A Cousin/Play Sis/Him. I never did fully trust them and from now on avoid them at any cost..I never did have much of a liking for them. THANK YOU!

  • This man has a history of violence and abuse in his life. He is very mixed up from it and will need a lot of professional counselling to resolve it.

  • Omg Thank you so much , Some one has finally given it to me straight about this man. My first mind knew something was wrong but I would never expect these things. All I can do is pary that he gets the help he need. Thank You Thank You Thank You !

  • Always trust your gut instincts!

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