• I would like to tell my story and ask real quick if this is possible. A year ago like may of 2010 I talked to 3 different psychics who at the time I thought were talking about my then bf but what they were saying didn't match up. I mean The guy they explained was not my Bf and the reasons they gave were not y we broke up. They Allllll said he was my soulmate and that right now hes is at a fork in his life because he doesnt know what he wants but he would be back in September. One of them tried to read off his name before I could and gave me the name Joel or Julian or a J name close to that. But it was no where close to my ex bf name. But the guy I'm with now has a name matching pretty darn close to what they said. Is it possible they were seeing something else in my future eventhough I had yet to meet him?

    I'm a but freaked out because this is my story with my now guy:

    I have been dating a Scorpio guy for about a year now. We met in class and never separated after that. He will be 23 this year and things have gotten really weird.

    Our first 4 months dating were pretty rough as he pushed and pushed and pushed me as he wasn't ready for commitment because he didn't trust it. I would say since day 1 he has let me know he doesn't trust people at all. He's told me his past is the reason for that but he doesn't like to open up about it. When he would open up he would disappear for days.

    Well January this year is when he started getting closer and the disappearing acts were less till about March when he was open with me and stayed open. He told his family about me and was all about us . Our sex was pure love from both ends and even after sex he didn't pull away. It was just love.

    All summer he had been goin threw something's he wasn't too proud of but I stuck by his side and was there when he needed me. Till July.. His attitude towards me changed. He wasnt sweet or calling me nick names any more. He wasn't mean either he was just dull I guess you could say. I thought "he's just going threw a lot give him a break".

    Well august came and all the sudden he just stopped talking to me all together. He ignored my question on when I was going to see him and never replied. A week later I asked if he's just done and not talking to me anymore and he said "No not at all, just going threw something's". I told him ok and we haven't talked since.

    He hasn't returned any of my things or given me the vibe that he met someone else. He's always been able to tell me when something was wrong and he's a pretty blunt person. I don't understand what happened and although I've left him alone I'm still confused on how I should feel. I'm mad, hurt, fine, sad, confused, and everything else. Its been 2 weeks now of no talking.

    My friends say he means what he says and to just back off while others say he's a dick for not explaining and I should just drop him.

    I don't know what to do. It freaked me out with the psychics last year and now all this happened. Regardless I still love him.

    My birthday is 1/21/1990

    His birthday is 11/6/1988

  • A love relationship here can be especially volatile. You two might love each other deeply and your relationship can be fun-loving and affectionate, but you can still have trouble maintaining consistency and stability in your daily life together. Even if you are not a more aggressive type of Aquarian, your friend has a way of triggering your anger and setting off explosions of feeling, which can lead to unhappiness and bitterness. You two may well be able to kiss and make up; in fact, you will often do so. But while your partner might be able to get over what has happened, he will never really forget what caused the problem (nor even explain it) and he will be much more on his guard with you in the future.

    As friends, you work great togetehr, but a love relationship brings with it more responsibility and serious intentions than your partner may want or be able to cope with. You on the other hand are definitely the marrying kind. You may throw yourself into a relationship with gusto, only to find you've given yourself away too quickly and surrendered up almost all of who you are. Deep down you have this fear that your partner will either tire of you or you will tire of him. You can get all mixed up about romance, being more in love with someone than they are with you, and thinking it's real. Yet you also have this conflicting fear of becoming emotionaly enslaved by someone. Your partner is afraid of getting close to anyone and will run away rather than deal with his issues of commitment, especially when he is younger. He fears getting roped in, tied down, and stuck with one person or kids who will keep him from living his life as he pleases. He thinks he will be missing out on something if he gets bogged down by a married life in the 'burbs. And this fear may see him living a very lonely life indeed. But until he deals with it, he will never allow himself to be tied down by anyone and will always pull away when things get too 'closed-in' for him.

  • I get what your saying and it seems like theres isnt much hope because of that. Im a girl who believes in love and hes a guy that wont allow himself too. I dont see him having a changed mind either.. atleast not anytime soon.

    I just cared so much about him. I thought for sure this time he wouldnt pull away but the commitment thing was there and he choose to run.

    Like every other girl on here its too hard to keep going. Im left hurt more times I am happy. Im guessing he will be back though. I could feel his love but like you said he will be more on guard. He'll come around when time has spaced things out and we have a new start. But im not falling for that one. Not when I deserve better.

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