Not sure what to think...maybe my scorpio is testing me

  • Drove to Texas over the weekend to have the talk with him. We had casual nice talking and then we got into the heart of the matter. He said that he didn't think we could do this anymore cause he has so much going on and he didn't want any more added drama from me. He does have a lot on his plate with his ex wife basically trying to do anything possible to drag him through the dirt and make him miserable.

    He went back and forth on saying he couldn't handle anymore drama and telling me he cares about me. It wasn't a bad talk but he just said he didn't want more drama in his life. The drama with me that hes referring to is people calling me when we are together and gossiping about stuff and me listening and basically entertaining the conversation. He hates that crap.

    So we were planning on me spending my vacation there in 2 months so I asked him if we could make a deal that we would just see how the next 2 months go and keep our communication to a minumum and he can deal with what he needs to and I wont bug him so much and then I come down for my vacation and we can see how it goes and decide if we will continue this relationship or not. He asked if I had to have an answer now and I said no.

    I know he has so much going on and is in that cold place with me but the way he would look at me was like he didn't really want to stop seeing me. I don't know what to think. Could he be testing me to see if I can handle his cold time or is the cold him trying to push me away?

  • Dear libarared,

    He is not testing you, he is being up front and laying his cards on the table. He does have enough to worry about and you were adding to it by getting upset over what others were telling you. Ask yourself if you need this type of situation in your life at this time? I know you have feelings for him, physical more than mental at this time.

    He may tell you that he does not want you to come in 2 months to spend your vacation there due to his need of time to heal and get some propective on his life again. You need to have enough respect for him and yourself to grant him this request. When he is feeling more himself emotionally and stable within than you will hear back from him. I would say not to call him or PUSH to see him for the next four months, as he really does need TIME to regroup himself. When he does contact you again he will be ready to begin the type of relationship you want from him. Hang in there and in the meantime just have fun with friends and do some inner work yourself.

    I'm a clairvoyant reader here when time allows me to be.


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