Why do i feel like i love this gemini?

  • recently (about the past 6 or 7 weeks), ive become infatuated with a gemini girl, (im a cancer).

    i cant stop thinking about her and although it makes me a bit happy at first i then start to feel a bit sad, low and frustrated. im not sure if she knows i fancy her but i had the feeling at the beginning she fancied me too. i dont get this feeling at all now which makes me sad, and i feel she is becoming increasingly disinterested in me as im not as outgoing or fun as her. she used to flirt with me quite a bit in the beginning which i really liked and then she took off for a few weeks, so i tried to get over her. but now shes back in my life and although i fell less possessive towards her now, i still feel physically attracted to her. can anyone help? would it be worth trying to pursue this 'relationship' as im really really confused why im into her sooo much. or does this have anything to do with the planets and they are making me feel this way? i dont want to feel this way if im going to get nothing in return, if you know what i mean? shes a good friend of mine but i dont want to feel hurt or rejected or weird or anything.

    please helpme to deal with this positively

    thanks xx-

  • What are your birthdates?

  • mine is 12.7.82

    but i dont know hers (june 83 i think)

  • Generally speaking, Cancers have an emotional orientation - you feel things out - while Geminis are mind-based. They are communicators who like to think things through. You Cancers are not always in a communicative mood so you can clash in this area. Also Geminis can have very short attention spans when it comes to love, so an affair here may hurt you a lot. You two do not make a very practical team so a realistic long term arrangement will be difficult to achieve, though there will be a certain amount of empathy between you.

    You are probably doing the Cancer thing of over-idealizing a romantic partner (or potential one) - then when you begin to see her faults and differences to your romantic ideal, reality kicks in and you will want out. I would suggest staying friends.

  • thanks thats helped alot! i think youre right - ill try just to remain friends with her, even though a the moment it will be quite hard. thanks again!!

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