Is this friendship done for good?

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    I'm Leah (2/9/84) I had a friend named Katie-Ann, that I have known for about 10 years. I helped her get a job at the company I work for recently. She's always asking me for huge favors like lending her $2500 to buy furniture or if I can let her use an old car for a few months that I dont drive anymore and I always tell her "I'll try". We had a huge arguement because she claims that someone at work told her I was talking bad about her behind her back and how I never come thru for her when she needs a favor. She wouldnt tell me who or what they accused me of saying about her. I even asked her to get the person and confront me in front of them because I never say anything behind her back. Long story short, we are not friends anyymore. She said she was never really my friend which hurt alot because I was always genuinely her friend. Did someone really tell her I was talking about her and is there any way to mend this friendship?



  • No one told her that. She may be paranoid or expects you to jump on her wishes. I've had friends like this and it's true, they didn't turn out to be friends. The ones I've experienced are incapable in a lot of areas and are actually mad at themselves for the situation that they are in. You shoulder some of their responsibility. The game is to make you feel guilty in some way and come back to their aid but it gets worse. The worst case scenario is blowing up on you or threatening. For your own sake, leave it at that, and walk away w/a big smile on your face. This is nothing but trouble.

  • Thanks so much Daliolite,

    That's exacly what I think also. No one could have told her that I talk bad about her behind her back because I tend to keep to myself. I was close with her because we were "friends" from before we started working there together. I'm disgusted that she felt the need to make up something so dumb. I dont know what she was hoping to accomplish, but its over now.


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