Anyone know more about chakras?

  • Breathing exercises are really good when you are anxious.Even just breathing in deeply and out slowly a few times can take the bite out of many situations.

    What about the bridge of your nose bit? Is that anything for you?

    By overwhelming I mean your nervous energy can maybe overwhelm people like when you walk in to a room and people are sitting around and you jsut bounce across the floor with a whirlwind effect. That kind of overwhelming. My sister in law is like that. I sometimes have had to ask her to sit down adn slow down.

    Well done for outing whatever it was to your Dad. I hope you get a positive result.


  • Hes confused about how to respond to my brother, he needs to apologize for a childhood hurt and leave it that, give my brother some peace that he deserves despite his mistakes. atleast thats my opinion. So far dad said "your wise beyond your years, but I went a little overboard in my last message, I hope he doesn't get mad, he gets mad easily. Lets see the bridge of my nose? I have alleriges, and can't breath through my nose right now which probably caused me anxiety lol, I didn't feel anything on my nose though. I can see what you mean about my nervous energy i can be the quiet person in the room and people still pick up on it. I am pretty good at controlling my anxiety attacks, but the actaul nervous energy I have yet to master. That was incredible what all you picked up, I am very grateful, thank you, I will stay aware to see if the reiki chills me out some!

  • I'll send you another burst of reiki I was having trouble concentrating the last time.


  • I sent it, you may have felt a slight tingling sensation. Off to bed now, remember to breathe to yur stomach not to your chest, deep not shallow.

    HUgs, paddi

  • Oh thank you so much, sorry I was a hard case:)

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