Anyone know more about chakras?

  • Thank you for the link as well Undio1!

  • Thanks paddifluff for sharing. I want to learn to clean energy fields (mine and others, including spaces) and balance my chakras. Would it be possible for you to help me with that?

  • the best time for me is around 10pm my time, if you go to the world clock online you can check that time for you, I am close to Amsterdam NL.

    Saggi I do not know how I can help you, I think it is important to be able to visualise the other person or your own energy field and their chakras and then balance the colours. I have always been interested in chakras and I read Doreen Virtue's books on the subject and tried out her methods and they worked.


  • Now there's a lead and that's help enough paddi! 🙂 Thanks! Shall look up her books, have noticed her name being mentioned and recommended often. Thanks paddifluff.

  • You are welcome, just remember to ask before you invade someone's chakras. And you may find that there are people who get a great lift from cleansing and there are those who notice nothing.

    Good luck, I combined it with reiki. It drains though ( not the reiki bit) so take it easy, do only a couple of cleansings a day and cleanse yourself afterwards and be sure to break the connection properly or you will carry that person's energy with your own.


  • Thanks paddi. I plan to combine it with reiki as well. You shall see me pecking you often for more tips in the future 🙂

  • That would 3 pm my time paddipuff. Did you say its draining to you or the person your working on?

  • To me but only if I do too many on one day.

  • oh I see. I wouldn't want you stuck my energy , I'm just a little nervous, I hope it doesn't give me anxiety at first:)

  • OK bluecat I will do it now for you and you can let me know if you feel anything, it takes about 20 minutes. Don't be nervous at all, this kind of healing energy can do no harm to anyone at all, it can only enhance you.


  • Im here! Ready Thank you I'm so excited!

  • Bluecat all your chakras were over-bright which would indicate you need to slow down a bit and take it easy, and maybe also that yu are a bit overpowering and need to back off. The only chakra that caused me concern was your throat chakra because it was a very deep blue and it did not want to return to a balanced colour. This is the chakra associated with communication, the throat. When I got to your head area I started to lose concentration, to drift, to jump from one picture to another. Do you have this problem? I found it quite a chalenge to stay focussed on you.

    I sent you some reiki to wherever you need it which is just about everywhere I think, to cool you down a bit.

    Did you feel anything or how do you feel now?


  • i didn't feel anything strange or unusual to me, but I did have a major emotional kind of release and shared something with a family member that I needed to say to them, right before I got your message you were starting, and then all of a suddan I just had this brave feeling to tell them what I wanted to say, and I literally cried and then felt better.

  • Yes, I have a lot of challenges with focus, your right about that, and your dead on about the communication, wow.

  • I'm not sure how I'm overpowering though? to people?

  • Thank you so much for taking your time to help me Paddipuff!

  • Meant paddifluff sorry

  • Maybe overwhelming is a better word. Glad you had an emotional release, crying is good for us. OH actually I forgot to mention it, when I started, you were very jittery and anxious and wouldn't stay still, so I was directed to rub the bridge of your nose up to between your eyes and to sing you a song, well I did that, it was a melody of no name I could recall, but it calmed you down immediately and even nearly put you to sleep. Can you relate to this at all?


  • Yes lol! my legs were jittering up and down, I wasn't scared anxious but anxiety never leaves me. Thats amazing! I am overwhelmed, that true, I didn't know if it was rubbing off on others, hopefully I can somehow not do that

  • I wonder if I just overwhelmed my dad on fb, I hope not, I thought of it more a breakthrough, but I could see how I might be overwhelming too, its an energy I'm giving off I'm assuming? I saged my whole house yesterday hoping to get rid of some of the negativity I'm sure I've caused around here in the past when at my most anxious

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