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  • Hi all,

    Was wondering if anyone has experienced this and what it means. This past year around the break of dawn, quite often, I hear either my boyfriend or mother calling out to me by name. Normally, I wake early and just lay in bed. This morning I heard both, which is unusual. Usually it's one or the other. I heard my mom call me twice. The second time it was definitely an outside voice meaning it was coming from outside my body. In fact, it was right by my left ear and kinda made it move some from the vibration. Also, my boyfriend's voice didn't call my name and wasn't coming from my room. Seemed to be coming from the neighboring room and all he said was Hey. This phenomena always happens at dawn when there's a bit of light outside. I have feelings or inclinations as to why it happens. Was wondering anyone elses experiences and what it meant.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • Once in a while I experience someone calling me at dawn and it comes as a whisper on either left or right ear. Sometimes, whoever is doing it touches my ear to wake me up. Sometimes it is a scream. All these work as it wakes me up. It is usually done with care. So, whoever is doing this to me, is looking out for me. The only thing is that it is get me ready for work.

  • Hi Dal ,

    I was seeing visions of Oprah when i read your post have you thought it might be your sister ? I have heard of this phenomena happening before as well .

  • Hi LOAP, No, because it's the person's voice, I doubt it's my sister. I know it's their spirit calling for me. I did think it was relating to their soul being in need, however, I'm beginning to think I may be the one who needs to be aware. I know both will help me so maybe that's the message. The next time I hear it though I'm going to ask the purpose. My sister's presence was very strong about a week before and 2 wks after her passing. She manifested thru electrical things and murmurings (however the murmurings are usually spirits letting me know something is going on.) In fact, my boyfriend was the one who heard the murmurings about a week before her passing in my house. He said it sounded like a group of people having a conversation. I have never heard my sister call for me. When I first met my boyfriend he didn't believe in anything unexplainable etc. I informed him that if he was around me long enough he'd experience the supernatural--and he has. I'll relate something that happened last Nov. The wooden door frame in my bathroom had come loose and he re-nailed it. On the shelf next to the door, I had a picture of Jesus in the Garden praying. Mike pounded the nails hard and it left an indention around the nail head and left an identical impression of Jesus' head looking up to heaven--like the picture and it's only like 6 inches away from the picture on my shelf. I feel it's a validation for him--it's something he needed.

    Hi Telstar, I think you're right, it's their spirit calling us at the break of day.

  • This happens to me alot too. A voice talking to me as I wake up. Sometimes it's as if they are going away because it just fades out as apposed to just going silent.

    I think the most memorable time it happened was, I was having this dream and in the dream I was carrying on a conversation with someone I couldn't see, as I began to wake up the voice slowly changed tone but their side of the conversation continued until I actually opened my eyes.

    The most common thing that happens is someone speaking song lyrics to me. That has been going on for as long as I can remember. At first, I would immediately turn on the radio to see if it was playing, it never was. I do usually try to take the time sometime through the day to listen to the song. Occasionally it becomes meaningful, mostly I never do figure out the significance.

    But that is fine too. I don't have to know everything.

  • Hi Rynna, Your right sometimes we don't have to know everything. I think that's really neat though. What types of lyrics or songs are they.

  • It is just as likely to be something that I heard yesterday as it is to be something I haven't heard or thought of in a long time. Very rarely, it is one that I don't like.

    If I am out somewhere, a book store or convenience store or something, that plays music over the speakers, usually when I am not listening until it is sang, I immediately snap to attention and look around for 'something'. More times than not, I don't notice anything out of the ordinary.

    When I was younger I always liked to think about these types of things constantly. Trying to figure out if when this happened did it mean that if I hadn't been paying attention, maybe I would have done something different and something else would have happened? Like the butterfly effect, you know, change one thing/change everything.

    Then other times, I would think it was some kind of training and these were like code-words or something.

    I've never out-grown the fact the fact that I think it is so cool, but I have grown enough to just shrug and think, {smiling} ah, well. 'Tis what 'tis.

    Instead of going around in circles in my head looking for an answer that isn't ready to be yet.

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