Looking for diamond ring

  • I have not been able to find my ring fpr about a week in a half ago. I was leaving my granparents that early morning ans was dropped off at home. I rember grabing my things and once I got home I begain putting up my things before going back to bed. That's the last time I saw my ring. That ring mean a lot for mant reasons.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Im sorry but may I have something thats a little less complicated concerning finding my ring !

  • Hi Beleza,

    I lost my ring one time and I said to Buddha & St Anthony. On & off during the day I say to both of them "Please Buddha & St Anthony help me find my ring I really love that ring. Please help me. Thank you so much for helping me. It worked I found it inside my car. Before I prayed to them I saw that my ring was not on my finger then I started looking all over the place and my car and I didnot find it. Then I started praying to Buddha & St Anthony and the next day I went and checked my car again and I found it. Hope this helps. Make sure you have the faith.

    St Anthony is the Saint of lost articles.

    Hope this helps you

  • Thank You!

  • My grandmother found it !

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