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  • Hello AstraAngel,I'm new to the forum,but I have reviewed some of the wonderful readings you have done for others & wanted one for myself if you don't mind. I'm a 24 year old Sagittarius woman my Birthday is 11/28/86. I am currently single,but dating a Virgo ,and I'm not sure where this situation is heading ,but I like him,and I don't wanna waste my time if he's just stringing me along. So AstraAngel can you please give me some insight on my current love situation & is there real love waiting for me in my future with a happy ending,meaning a wonderful marriage with a man who will adore me...Please and I really would appreciate your help!

  • Hi KeKe25

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to ask your questions, I have prayed that Heaven provide their wise counsel for you in this matter of your Heart.

    Q: So AstraAngel can you please give me some insight on my current love situation?

    • Yourself at this time: THE SEVEN OF SWORDS - You are imagining possibilities in this relationship.

    • Your present environment - THE PAGE OF SWORDS - You are willing to take a chance on this relationship, however you have concerns that his feelings toward you are as strong.

    • Immediate obstacle: THE QUEEN OF PENTACLES (reversed) - Queens are "fulfilling". This position represents the challenge of material success, this energy must be embraced and accepted as part of your path. This issue impacts the relationship moving forward.

    • Hopes and dreams: THE EIGHT OF PENTACLES - Eights represent organizing, and the Pentacles picks up on the challenge represented in the Queen of Pentacles. There is the hope and dream that this relationship will prove to be a nicely organized, materially successful union. You feel this as a strong potential of the relationship. Success.

    • Difficulties in the past - THE ACE OF PENTACLES (reversed) - Something begun in the past, a material manifestation born of the relationship, and was overturned somehow. This presented a great difficulty for you and your partner. Something you worked on together perhaps, that resulted in some pain for you.

    • Last of the present - THE QUEEN OF CUPS (reversed) - An experience of emotional or intuitive maturing. You have grown a lot emotionally through the difficulty represented by the Ace of Pentacles.

    • First of the future - THE LOVERS (reversed) - This is a nice card to draw as regards the near future for the you and this relationship. The potential is there in any case, whether it is actualized seems to be up in the air. A nice sign in any case.

    • Future environment - THE MAGICIAN - This seems to indicate the discovery of a unique understanding awaiting the relationship. Almost as though you are able to transcend imagined limitations, and explore all of the fantastic possibilities for the two of you. A nice card in this position. A lot of magic.

    • Outer influences - THE HIEROPHANT - You are learning, the outer influences seem educational in nature. Perhaps you are discovering more and more about who you really are. You are learning about higher principles in love and life.

    • Hope and fear - THE EMPRESS (reversed) - This represents the highest desire of the relationship, that all flows harmoniously back and forth, the feminine and male principles finding their rest under the shade of a beautiful large, overshadowing tree.

    Outcome - THE SIX OF PENTACLES (reversed) - This ties us back to the earlier "hopes and dreams" card, along with the profusion of Pentacles (material success), would say that the labor of love results in a place of great security and success for you. There is a sharing indicated here.

    That is an overview of the situation. Now let's analyze some of your more specific concerns. (I wil reshuffle the cards)

    Q: Is there real love waiting for me with a happy ending, meaning a wonderful marriage with a man who will adore me? THE HIEROPHANT - Outer influences seem to be carrying you to a happy conclusion. The Hierophant often foreshadows a "high love principle" relationship.

    and, THE EMPRESS (reversed). Ties back to the "hope and fear". Your hopes are realized.

    And, THE SIX OF PENTACLES - (reversed) - This is a pretty strong sign that matters will resolve to your delight... considering the results of the last three of the overview spread matching up to these three. Perhaps I did not shuffle enough!.. something tells me though, that Heaven is involved...

    KeKe25, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that everything plays out nicely for you.

    XXX000 -AstraAngel

  • Also, I took a look at your chart to see what other issues could be bearing on your relationship with Nick.

    You have your Saturn near your Sun in Sagittarius. The limiter of Saturn has been a pain for you in realizing your own self-worth. However, this paradoxically works out well for you, as you have experienced many restrictions in your life so far, and have grown through it all, developing a stronger sense of self worth. You know what it takes to overcome obstacles. You know what you want in life.

    Uranus is also in your birth sign, so the "Awakener" stirs up your potential at odd moments. You come on strong when you need to.

    Your Mars is in Pisces which seems to show that you have a strong desire for connection. Depending on where Nick is at in his own personal development, that energy could make him a little shy. This could be what you are sensing in the present - THE SEVEN OF SWORDS comes into play here, Nick could be aware that you are imagining ...the possibilities.

    Your Venus is in Scorpio - You are a very strong potential mate, you know what it takes to keep the union strong. You also know what you like in the romance area. You also don't hesitate to walk away from relationships that are not working for you. Retreating when needed to protect yourself (you have worked hard to develop your self worth - Saturn and your Sun together). THE LOVERS appears here. You have some experience in this area.

    Mercury is also in Scorpio, you are a strong communicator. You don't hesitate to let your feelings be known. You can be a real talker given the opportunity. You probably made A's in Debate class. A nice romantic partner for you would be someone who shares your love of opening up about anything, in a safe, secure union. This could be part of your situation with Nick, you want to share more you are simply not sure how he would respond... so there is a little tension there... this is where the PAGE OF SWORDS comes in. This is your present situation.

    Your Moon is in Libra, so you have a keen sense of emotional balance. You are very balanced emotionally, and have a knack for keeping your cool in emotionally-charged situations. This works well for you in love, you are able to maintain a balanced perspective in love. You try anyway. Sometimes that Scorpion gets loose however!

    Your North Node is in Aeries, so this sheds some light on your overall life path. Interesting that it opposes your Moon in Libra, so this seems to show that while you maintain a strong emotional balance, your life path seems to be wanting to move you toward situations where you are more yourself, and letting your emotions run wild (in a fun way!). This awareness pulls you into life situations that will help actualize those desires that run deep in you. Your partners have been aware of this and it has caused some relationship issues, this is why you are really hoping that things work out with Nick.

    You have Neptune in Capricorn. So you dream of life being successful, you expect it at a deep level, because this is coming from a subconscious part of you.

    Your Chiron, (the wounded Healer), is in Gemini. Something from your past that made you have to work hard for your self-worth. You have a need to express yourself, born of your some painful experiences, you love to devote yourself in literary or artistic ways. The painful moments are then transmuted into something beautiful, you find healing in this activity.

    I would say that bottom line, you have a strong drive towards relationship, you feel the potential in your union. On the surface, you maintain your emotional composure... while within, the Scorpion in you is longing for completion, oneness with your companion and the opportunity to be a little wild. Your Mars and Jupiter are in Pisces, so you have a strong expansive need for connection with others in general. You nurture a close circle of friendships. Your Chiron is a sign to continue to develop yourself in your expressive side, regardless of how Nick responds. Your beauty is that Saturn-Sun in Sagittarius, that is the strong Star-child in you.

    I hope that gives you something to reflect upon...

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