Need a Scorpion Male perspective :)

  • Hey guys, I'm actually coming here out of a bit of frustration thinking perhaps I need an astrological perspective because all else has failed. Have an ex who I have been on and off with for two years. We never really officially broke up, merely going back to each of our respective countries which has made our friendship/relationship a bit murky. I go and visit from time to time and he was meant to come here next year. We have remained friends until recently (eventhough it's been an emotional rollercoaster) when he was acting psychotically jealous to any guy who would flirt or talk to me. He would hold my hand all the time, and would act like a boyfriend to the extreme that his family thought we were together again. He told me that he knew why he couldn't be in relationships right now and why he couldn't be with any of his exes (as he was confused before) and said to me that there wasn't anything that he could see why he thought we wouldn't be together when I asked what our faults were in the relationship (I'm a constructive thinker and like feedback). But after all of the jealousy and myself being confused why he was acting this way but him saying he can't be in a relationship with me now (which is not what I would want either at this present moment with him) I decided that I needed to have a break from speaking with him. He had given me an ultimatum before that if I stopped speaking to him he would not continue the friendship if I tried to come back later (which i think is bollocks) It's been to emotionally hard for me to deal with but he is an amazing person who I love very much. Now, I would like to go back and try again, but he's being rather distant and evasive, and I'm unsure what I can do. I'm a strong Cap and I hate giving in, and I've had to for most of the relationship which has pained me but you gotta do what you gotta do. So any suggestions on what I can do...should I give up my strong willed ego and stubborness to extend an olive branch or is it just better to walk away and cut my losses? Scorps are hard for me especially because I prefer to be dominant and in this case it's just impossible.

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