• This retrograde is kicking my a......

    I'm posting here because of my problems with an Aqua I've been dating. Im a Libra. So I get monthly updates from Astrograph and I really enjoy them because they always seem to be dead on. As you may know we are going through a retrograde and I feel like everything between me and the Aqua is going backwards, it sucks cause it seems as if things will never be right again.

    It all started on the sat of the new moon... with his moody ass attitude, that he shouldve checked at the plane door. I was in a great mood by the way and I tried to get him to come over to my side repeatedly but he wasn't gonna be happy until he pulled me down with him, and I let him. I didn't say one word the long drive back from picking him up. When my mood changes bad he's all good and wants to talk but by that time I feel like butter because of him. then it becomes my fault....things have been bad the past 2 weeks

    I read Astros configurations (after the fact) and it says to keep reactivity to a min and of course what have I been doing reacting! I feel so out of control, its all crap now...idk I don't want to be done with it but now everything feels out of place...ugh!

    Anyone have experience with Aqua...

  • I'm an aqua and I dated one for two years. It was an emotional roller coaster. It was ridiculous. For some reason aqua men cannot just tell you what is wrong with them. They have to argue and be in a funky mood. Then you find out later why he was in a funky mood, then they make up with you. Total dysfunction!

    I would say something is wrong and he is not saying.

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