Cancer Guy Insight Needed

  • I met this guy, I'm 29, Sagittarius, he's 27, Cancer, and we hit it off big time! He lives 2 hrs from me but from the day we met he'd text me every morning and we'd text back and forth all day everyday. After a week of this we decided to go on a date. That went even better, we spent 3 hours laughing non stop and walking around downtown. He kissed me twice and kept holding my hand, etc. After I got home from the date he texted me that he had a great time and that he wants to see me again. So the next week we still texted non stop all day everyday and he'd sent me msgs that said I think you are amazing and I think I like you too much for my own good. There was even a msg that said what happens if we fall in love and live 2hrs apart. Since it'd only been a week I said we'd figure that out when we get there. Second date also goes great, he tells me he's decided he doesn't want to see anyone else and I say me either. We even talk about meeting his family and a trip in October that he wants me to go on with him and his friends. He texts me after that date and says how great of a time he had again. I say however, because I was a little worried at how fast we were both falling into all of this that I think we should slow down a little and that we really just met so I wanted to take things slow. He says he understands and it's fine. Then 2 days I hear nothing from him. The 3rd day I get a text that says you're damn near perfect for me in every single way but one. Distance. I can't take missing someone constantly it's all I've done since being in the Marines i say no problem I understand but it sucks because I really did like you. He ended things because he says he can't do the distance and he tried to tell himself that he could because he liked me so much but he can't do it. Now he still texts me every 3-5 days wanting to know how I'm doing, etc. If I don't answer bc I'm trying to get over him he texts a few days later again! What is with th is guy? Is it a Cancer thing? You dumped me so why keep contacting me? I really really liked this guy, still do and fell really hard really fast. What now?

  • i think its sad...i hate when love doesnt just DO the damn thing already geez! its hard enough to find it as it is. But just take what he says at face value. It may not make sense but we women are a little tougher than the boys when it comes to emotions. ESPECIALLY the cancer boys. He may be trying to protect himself the best way he knows how.

    He's an is too short

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